Amys Breakthrough Story

So here it is folks, my breakthrough story…  

Fear can go to hell and so can doubt because no matter what you’ve been through or are going through now, you have the strength inside of you to design the life you want.  And that’s exactly what I’m doing 

The Beginning: Sure, my upbringing wasn’t grand. Your typical dysfunctional family…alcohol, drugs, violence, and abuse, you know how the story goes.  I had a choice to join that “crowd” or pave my own way through the glimpses of “normalcy” that I witnessed throughout my childhood outside of my home.  

I chose the latter, getting a prestigious job at McDonald’s at the age of 15 (where I met husband by the way).  I had no handouts, I was a responsible adult as a teenager and strived to get away from my past so it wouldn’t be in my future.  I studied psychology, business, and dance in college while I worked full time and graduated a year early.   After graduation, I got my own apartment, worked 3 jobs as a personal trainer, dance teacher, and mental health counselor through graduate school. I was determined to pay off student loans before I turned 30, which I proudly accomplished! Yay!  

Setbacks: Fast forward to getting my dream job as a School Counselor in a high school.  I loved my job and helping kids, but wanted more.  I went back to grad school, got a trillion more letters after my name and nothing seemed to satisfy me (because my creativity was buried). Then I had a devastating setback in my late 20s…I had multiple miscarriages.  Every time I would get excited about having a baby, I would lose one.  In total, I’ve lost 5 babies, all through infertility treatments.  If the loss wasn’t enough, there was a financial burden of treatments blowing through my savings.

New Ventures: A friend of a friend just so happened to have extra office space and asked if I’d be interested in opening up a private counseling practice.  I thought this was perfect timing to make some money for treatments and apply my psychology and business knowledge in 1 place.  I had already run 2 previous unrelated businesses, so I knew what needed to be done.  Turns out it was a win because after giving birth to my first daughter I came back from maternity leave to 42 clients a week and a full-time job at the school…I had to make a choice.

Choices: I left my school counseling job and grew my private practice from 1 tiny office to 4 office locations and 17 employees within a short time.  Running the business, I learned a ton including that operating a business in the healthcare system is a bitch. Margins are slim, everyone wants more, it was exhausting. After pushing many 80hr work weeks, having a special needs child at home, and starting infertility treatments again after my doctor told me my uterus was shriveling into a prune I was burnt the freak out!  So I started the acquisition process to sell my company.  Ultimately, the business did get acquired (I lost 2 pregnancies in the process), however, selling didn’t work out the way I imagined at all. Another learning experience in entrepreneurship. 

Insert Hope:  I was already doing some life coaching work on the side to upkeep the certification and was LOVING it. It combined all my psychological and organizational leadership background while giving people great results.  Clients were happy, and most of all I was happy and creative, the missing pieces I needed all along!  When the acquisition didn’t work out the way I would have liked, I could have let my whole world crumble to the ground.  Did I?  Fuck no!  I am stronger than that. I saw this as the opportunity to re-design my stressed-out crazy life into a gift for myself.  

My Life Today:  Today I work from a studio I built out in the woods where I live.  My commute is a less than 5min walk (compared to hours of driving each day).  I coach people and businesses mostly online. I provide motivational speaking all over (so yes I occasionally leave my house and put pants on).  I eat breakfast, go for hikes, and meditate every day (something I never did in my previous job). I feel rejuvenated leaving my studio every day from helping my amazing clients, it’s amazing!

Looking Back: Today I’m not going to apologize for my past.  I worked hard, I’ve been through a lot and it took a long time to be proud of my progress.  Haters gonna hate…there were people who told me I would never be successful in business, and those people couldn’t believe it when we had 4 month-long waiting lists in private practice.  There were people telling me infertility was too much work and to give up and I couldn’t imagine my life without the beautiful family I built.  Today is no different.  People tell me I can never earn a living running an online business yet here I am, growing every day.  

I invite you to take my story and be inspired to discover who you are meant to be.  I’m not another coach who overcharges and oversells. I have the education, the credibility, the experience and most of all I will understand you when you may not understand yourself!  Failure is not an option when you work with me. We call failure, “discovery” because life happens and there’s always a path to something better.


You got this!


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