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I have spoken to hundreds of schools, companies, non-profits, and professional organizations on various topics.  My presentations are uniquely tailored to each event and are interactive to include stories from my personal experience and audience participation. 

People laugh, people cry, people are moved and connected, it’s a good time. 

The following are the highest requested topics:  

  • Keynote Presentation

I have been a keynote speaker for a variety of conferences and organizations with my focus on the importance of finding well-being and self-care both in and outside of our work. I bring a fresh perspective to understanding how to get out of the auto-pilot mode of a “corporate mindset” and discover creative solutions that keep people engaged in what they do and who they are. 


  • Self-care

This presentation focuses on what self-care is, the reasons people fail to put it in place, and what can be done to achieve it every day in our busy lives. 


  • Organizations-Finding the Work-Life Balance Unicorn

Focuses on how to find balance in one’s life through various activities and discussions designed to promote self-awareness, new habits, and goal setting.


  • Organizations-Mindfulness for Everyday People

Focuses on understanding mindfulness and how to apply it to everyday life to minimize stress and maximize happiness. No yoga or meditation needed!


  • Small Business-Surviving Entrepreneurship, Building a Team

Focuses on common steps in the entrepreneur journey, how to manage time, scale under pressure, be creative, and resourceful as you evolve your business (great for start-ups!). Pairs well with Executive coaching.


  • Medium/Large Business-I’m a Manager, Now What?

Focuses on educating managers in understanding the organizational structure, managing employees, work-life balance, and common issues new managers face as they adjust and grow in their positions.


  • Any size Business-Empathy in Business

Focuses on emotional intelligence, empathy, and how emotions impact sales, employee interactions, and the company’s bottom line.  


  • Public Schools-Building Resiliency in Teens

Focuses on trends and insights on failure to launch issues, the high college drop out rate, and what parents/education professionals can do to help their teen prepare for life after high school.


  • Colleges-Life After College-The True Story

Focuses on preparing college students with what to expect after college, how to be resourceful, independent, and self-aware. 


Custom Presentation

Focuses on a topic of your choice.  I create the presentation and deliver it to your audience based on what you need.

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