for Personal & Executive Coaching

*I am currently not accepting new clients for the remainder of 2020. 

Good news! I will be accepting new clients beginning January 2021. 

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Unless there is a special note above, I book appointments for new clients within 10 days at a time. If you do not see any appointments listed, please keep checking back. No appointments in that week could mean:

a. I do not have slots for new clients that week

b. I am traveling for speaking

c. I am working with a company or on a project that week

No, you are not bound to the day/time slot you receive for the first session.  The first session is the hardest to get as I see a limited number of new clients each week depending on my client load. After the initial session, future appointments will have more times/days available. Don’t worry! 

*Each cost is inclusive of me preparing for our session including reading journal entries and preparing activities or other related documents. Coaching with me also gives you access to my library of resources and an awesome online journal to track and monitor your progress. 

Cost: Depending on what type of session (Personal or Executive coaching) and amount of time, the range after the initial appointment is between $75-$200 a session. We will discuss what works for you during the initial appointment.  Some people I see every week, others once a month. 

Packages: Coaching with me is flexible.  I do not believe in selling high-priced packages to clients and dragging out services.  My goal is to help you reach your goals when it works for you. 

Payment Plans: I do not offer payment plans. Payment is due prior to the session start and is made securely online through the billing link you will receive via e-mail from Life Coach Office post the initial appointment. 


The coaching journey is an investment of self-discovery and it is awesome! 

The initial vision planning session is about us getting to know each other and the goals you want to work on. Please complete your online paperwork through Calendly that includes the Vision Planning sheet. Our first session will rely heavily on vision planning and getting to know how awesome you are!

Yes, I am a licensed therapist, however, I no longer provide therapy services, only coaching. It would be unethical for a life coach to also provide therapy. However, here is what I can do as a therapist and coach:

-I can let you know if I think you would benefit from also working with a therapist if you would like a brief assessment and I can provide referral direction if needed. 

-I do use much of my psychological expertise in coaching and when I do, I will educate you about it and how it can help you. 

This depends on the following:

-How motivated you are to do the work

-How many goals you have

-How many sessions a month you can make

I’ve had people who see me every week for a month to complete their 1 and only goal. I have clients who stay with me awhile who have many goals and I have clients who come and go depending on goals for different chapters of their lives. We’ll work out a schedule that works for you and your specific needs. I’m flexible if you are. 

My job is to help you discover who you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.