I have spoken to hundreds of schools, companies, non-profits, and professional organizations on various topics.  

My presentations & trainings are uniquely tailored to each event.

People laugh. People cry. People are moved. It’s a good time!


The following are the most popular topics:  

  • Keynote Presentation

I have been a keynote speaker for a variety of conferences and organizations with my focus on the importance of finding well-being and self-care both in and outside of our work. I bring a fresh perspective to understanding how to get out of the auto-pilot mode of a “corporate mindset” and discover creative solutions that keep people engaged in what they do and who they are. 


  • Self-care

This presentation focuses on what self-care is and isn’t and what can be done to achieve it every day in our busy lives. 


  • Organizations-Finding the Work-Life Balance Unicorn

Focuses on how to find balance in one’s life through various activities and discussions designed to promote self-awareness, new habits, and goal setting.


  • Organizations-Mindfulness for Everyday People

Focuses on understanding mindfulness and how to apply it to everyday life to minimize stress and maximize happiness. No yoga or meditation needed!


  • Small Business-Surviving Entrepreneurship, Building a Team

Focuses on common steps in the entrepreneur journey, how to manage time, scale under pressure, be creative, and resourceful as you evolve your business (great for start-ups!). Pairs well with Executive coaching.


  • Medium/Large Business-I’m a Manager, Now What?

Focuses on educating managers in understanding the organizational structure, managing employees, work-life balance, and common issues new managers face as they adjust and grow in their positions.


  • Any size Business-Empathy in Business

Focuses on essential communication skills,  emotional intelligence, empathy vs. sympathy, and how emotions impact sales, employee interactions, and the company’s bottom line.  


  • Public Schools/Colleges/Organizations-Variety of Mental Health Presentations

I have many presentations not limited to trauma, body image, self-injury, adolescence, couples counseling, mental health curriculum, etc. If you are looking for something particular, let me know.

Custom Presentations

Focuses on a topic of your choice.  I create the presentation and deliver it to your audience based on what you need.

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