If You Can Do Something Difficult…it Gets Easier

If you can do something difficult, you'll be surprised what happens next. Don't hold yourself back from what lies ahead...it gets easier.

A difficult decision, a difficult day.  Does it ever get easier?  Especially now…some of us have too much time and space on our hands…others have none. Either way, we experience difficulties in life now that we never imagined. There’s gotta be something easier ahead…


Often we cannot imagine life getting easier when we are faced with difficulty in front of us.  Fear can be rehabilitating and leave us frozen to face what’s ahead.  Sure this can be something big like a major life change of moving or changing a job.  Or it could be simple, like facing the mountain of laundry that has become a bed for your cats.

Of course, we all know, if we just face the damn thing we know things will get easier.  It’s the “what ifs” that creep in and tell us otherwise.  It’s all fear and not fact.  Remember that.  

“What if I fail?”

“What if I embarrass myself?”

“What if it gets worse?”

All not facts.  Something I’ve learned in my past is that whatever I fear doesn’t happen anyways.  If something goes wrong, it goes wrong in a way I didn’t expect…or goes better than expected altogether.  The point is that worry isn’t fact and we can’t let it get in our way of something difficult. 


Once we recognize our fears and that that won’t help us to an easier side, we are now in a weird place.  This is the moment we are sitting between the difficult and the easy.

What to do? What to do?

Think. Think. Think.


Don’t overthink it.  You know in your gut what you need to do.  Tell yourself what that is and then stand up to make it happen.

Smash that glass ceiling.  Start that difficult conversation with your partner.  Grab the first laundry item and start sorting. Or heck, just get out of bed!  


glass ceiling


Whatever is difficult is about to get easier by taking that first step. 


Once you start facing something difficult, it gets easier and easier the more you plow through it. Starting whatever is challenging you is the toughest part.  And when you start, it allows you to actually feel some relief.  Small steps matter.  Whether that small step is making an appointment with a therapist, a life coach, or folding that damn laundry.

The higher you climb the mountain, the closer to get to that amazing view.  Feel free to use that imagery in these times that you need it.  Imagine that whatever difficult steps you are taking are going to give you an amazing view in your mind’s eye.  



easy button

In conclusion, I am here to tell you…

You are capable of doing difficult things

You deserve a life where you can face your fears, overcome challenges, learn from mistakes and give yourself second chances.  The more you overcome, the easier it will be to face what’s next. Go for it.

You got this! 



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