Itching To Go Out

I can't believe it, but this introvert is starting to get cabin fever a year into quarantine. What does it mean to go out? Read for more...
go out

If you told me we’d be pretty much quarantined for a whole year this time last year and not able to go out, I probably would’ve laughed at you. 

It was around this same time I read an article about a town in Italy where a vineyard’s wine spilled into the water supply and if I wasn’t pregnant then I probably would’ve gathered my girlfriends for an Italian Getaway.  True story, read here.

Anyways, I’m an extroverted introvert…meaning I expel energy with others, but gain it by myself.  And don’t get me wrong…I expel more energy than I take in these days…but there’s something about the freedom to go somewhere or eat dinner without feeling anxiety about people being so close to me that feels freeing.  

I’m itching to go out, to travel to not live in fear of the virus.  Who knows when things will be back to normal.  Most little kids believe this is normal and that’s just sad.  Playgrounds are meant to be played on and masks for typically for doctors or Halloween. I don’t know what will happen in the next few months, but it’s looking like I may start making some decisions to live more.

I’m not exactly sure what this means yet.  Maybe I’ll go out and take my daughter to the movies or walk the boys outside in the park.  I live in the woods, so my dealings with everyday people are very limited…if I go out, everything is basically 20+ minutes away, and right now that just doesn’t seem worth it.  Plus there’s Doordash…who I’m pretty sure my family keeps in business.

So we’ll see in future Friday posts where I go out to…will it be beyond the mailbox? To put gas in my car?  To another state?  Who knows! 

The mask’s the limit!


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