Welcome to the Gratitude Challenge!

Please join us in the gratitude challenge every Friday this month! There is so much for us to be thankful for. Challenge accepted!
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As we all look forward to the pies and thighs of Thanksgiving, I wanted to find a way to spread gratitude beyond that Thursday and into the whole month.


Welcome to the Challenge!:

So Fun Friday on the Insights Blog will have a gratitude takeover starting today and will continue each Friday this month presenting you with a new challenge each week to express gratitude. Each challenge will have a theme to follow.

This challenge will be small, but powerful.  I’m hoping we can share our stories on social to spread gratitude and help others feel good about helping others feel good.  Those positive feelings are contagious and I want to spread them (instead of COVID, haha).  Before we can into today’s challenge, let’s learn more about what gratitude can do for us…

Debriefing Gratitude:

The word “gratitude” derives from the Latin “gratia” meaning grace and thankful appreciation. Gratitude goes beyond that though, as there have been a handful of studies in the past 5 years in the neuroscience community that shows gratitude can:

  • lessen symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • lower blood pressure
  • strengthen your immune system
  • increase personal happiness
  • build strong relational bonds
Pretty cool gratitude can do all that huh? See, it’s more than just being thankful for what you already have.  Gratitude has a way of taking over your mind and body in positive ways that can seriously be life-changing.  There’s just something about giving to others that feels good, feels right and to me feels special.  Like that spark, you get when you’re having a kick-ass day.  We could all use a spark these days, so let’s kick this challenge off!
Today’s Challenge: Time
Time is a precious commodity that some have too much of or too little.  What we do with our time is important as it is not infinite.  More importantly than our own time is the time others give to us.
The challenge today is to give someone some time.
Some ideas:
  • Call a family member you care about and tell them you are thinking about them
  • Put down your phone and play with your children
  • Give your partner a whole minute hug and tell them you love them
  • Give a moment to hold the door open for someone
  • Stop and ask a neighbor how they are doing outside (or introduce yourself if you don’t know them)
  • Volunteer your time for a cause or to help with a local initiative like Toys for Tots or Big Brothers Big Sisters.


How else can you give your time? Share with us on social how you completed this challenge. I look forward to hearing <3

Please share this post so we can spread gratitude as much as possible. We all need it now more than ever!


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