It wouldn’t be summer without…

When you think of summer what do you smell? What do you taste? Join us on social to share what you think summer shouldn't be without.
wouldn't be summer

Summertime!  For me, it brings back memories of my childhood at the Jersey Shore.  Please don’t think of the MTV show! I lived there and can tell you my life growing up was nothing like what was depicted on reality TV!

When I think of summer from my childhood it brings back memories of the arcade and carousel on the boardwalk.  The smell of boardwalk cheese fries.  The taste of boardwalk ice cream.  The feel of sand between my toes and waking up from a nap to the crashing sounds of the Atlantic Ocean waves.

Now when I think of summer, it’s roasting marshmallows with my family in flip flops, water gun fights in the pool, and late-night talks in the backyard with friends and a refreshing glass of homemade sangria. 

It just wouldn’t be summer without those things.

Now it’s your turn…it wouldn’t be summer without… 

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