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We are getting in the Halloween Spirit for this Fun Friday! Share a ghost story with us and read one of my own.
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Happy Fun Friday!  So today we’re going to dive into a ghost story, a true one based on my experience.  Get ready to be spooked!

Not all of us believe in an afterlife.  After all, can there really be ghosts out there?  I’ve had many what I would call “odd” experiences that have had me questioning if ghosts were real, so many that I finally believed at one point and haven’t looked back. 

While some people were catching up with the Kardashians, I found myself catching up with Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures, fascinated by others’ ghost stories and personal experiences.

The Day I Saw a Ghost for the First and Only Time: 

Back in the early 2000s my husband and I had a side hustle photography business that led us on many road trips across the Mid-Atlantic area.  

Coming back from a trip to Eastern PA one summer, we stopped at a local brewery for some lunch.  It had been over an hour’s drive from our location, so as soon as we got there I had to pee…like BAD. 

When I got into the restroom, I saw all the stall doors were open.  I was clearly the only one in there at the time.  You know that feeling you get when you don’t sense anyone around you?  Well, I felt it…I definitely was alone.

So I do my business and I’m about to flush the toilet and there’s a knock on my stall door.  I didn’t hear anyone come in and peered under behind me…no feet. 

Just then, the knock happened louder on my stall door, then the stall door next to me.  WTF!  I was now scared and questioning if the knock I was hearing was outside the restroom, but no…it was definitely on the door…I could feel the vibration.

So I slowly open the door and peer out to my left where the sinks are around the corner…no one there.

Then, I peer out to the right where the other stalls are…no one there.

At this point, I laugh it off as “something weird” and clearly explainable like maybe an air conditioner making sounds or plumbing perhaps.  Whatever…I’m pretty hangry at this point and think I might be becoming delusional until I get some fries in me.

So I wash my hands, turn around and…

The paper towels are there to the left (ghost part coming up!).  I dry my hands and am about to reach for the door that’s right next to the towels, but something tells me to turn my head to the right back to the stalls.

I see a little girl with no legs who is transparent.  I had to blink because I was sure this WAS NOT real.  But after my blink, she was still there.  

She was wearing a white bonnet and a white gown.  I know it’s weird, but I got the feeling that she was trying to tell me her father was hurt.  

And then she vanished.

And I was frozen, just staring at the spot where she was. 

Then, moments later the thought finally registered in my brain “Holy Shit!  I just saw a ghost!”

Google Knows Stuff: 

I was pretty spooked for the rest of the day.  My husband refused to believe what I saw and said kept saying I must’ve been uber hangry to start seeing things, but I knew the truth.

When I got home that night, I Googled the address of the brewery to see if I could find out if anything else was there and there was!

Turns out the site of the brewery used to be a makeshift revolutionary war medical center!!!

Wait for it…next to a schoolhouse!


That was the only time I’ve actually seen a ghost and I will never forget it. 

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