Thank you for being part of the Life Design Community!

Thank you for being part of the Life Design Community! The Insights Blog is now 2 months old! Let's keep this party going and celebrate!
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When I had planned to start the Insights Blog back in March, I had no idea we would be hit with COVID, and social media would be another world for me.

While Life Design is not specific, most of my audience are working professionals who are trying to make things work between balancing careers and home.  So in writing this blog I’ve worked hard to keep things inspiring, relevant, and fun as we work to design our lives together.  Whether you are a busy stay at home parent or a busy CEO, we are committed together to designing the life we want.

It can only get better from here!

It’s funny, I have friends who talk about writer’s block and staring at a blank page for hours and so far with this blog I’ve not run out of things to say or topics to consider.  I have more in store for the rest of the year that I hope inspires and motivates you to become your best self in work and home.

So thank you for being part of our community!!!  I look forward to watching it grow.

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