Behind the Scenes of my Studio

Want to see what's inside my studio? Well, I'm happy to show you, come on in! See where the magic of life coaching happens.
behind the scenes studio

So happy to walk you through this behind the scenes of my studio.  We’ll talk about how it came about and why I love it! 

How did I decide on building a studio in the woods on my property vs. having another brick and mortar space? 

To start, when I did some reflection, I knew I didn’t want a long commute again.  Driving an hour and repeatedly getting stuck behind a car with a World War 1 hat peering out from the back going 15mph in a 50mph zone with no passing lanes isn’t how I wanted to start my day.  I also know how hard it is in the surrounding area to find decent, affordable office space.  With my last office, it took me 9 months to secure an office with enough space for my staff, plus all the work of setup and monthly expenses. It wasn’t worth it. I’m paperless. I’m virtual.  I like leggings, you feel me? 

Ultimately, I decided since I live in the woods that for the cost for me to take down a couple of trees and build an office, it would pay for itself in a couple of years of not paying rent or gas.   In the meantime, I was doing video coaching in my basement where my clients either had a view of a cactus print or my wine rack.  Clients would ask me where I got my cactus print or want to know about my wine collection, it was distracting! 

I was excited to have the studio built and I say “studio” instead of the office to keep my space creativity focused. When I’m in the studio I don’t feel like I’m working because when I coach, I’m designing.  Plus who wants to go to an “office” to work?  Blech!  It just sounds lame.  

Building the studio was not an easy feat. I had 4 different contractors working on various aspects of the building and of course, things take longer than you want them to.  By the time I got in it to paint and build furniture, it was 6 months in the making, but it turned out amazing!!!

Studio Zones: Although small, my space is mighty efficient for my online business and it’s broken up into 5 zones…

Zone 1-“Design Space”:  This is my primary working area.  Here I rely mostly on my laptop for coaching sessions, creating graphics, and working on my website.  I am a stationery hoarder so I have lots of cool pens, notepads, and inspirational tidbits here. I have an inbox for the paper I need to scan (I am paperless). When I had my private practice since we saw clients of all ages, etc. I had to use neutral colors.  It was liberating to be able to choose the colors I wanted for the studio, which is mainly pink (my fav) and gold.  I put some glitter in the paint for the walls because everyone needs a little sparkle. 


Zone 2-“Inspiration Station”: This area consists of my coffee cart and bookcases containing books I like to reference for inspiration or use in coaching with clients.  I keep ancillary materials I mostly use for motivational speaking in the cabinets and candles.  I light a candle every day I work and find it relaxing to look at. 

inspiration station

Zone 3-“Preview Area”: I call this area the “Preview Area” because it serves 2 functions.  1 is a whiteboard that I use to mind map ideas.  It’s easier for me to turn around and look at my map rather than have 3 screens up on my laptop. I also have plans to convert this space into a video station for YouTube, courses, and webinars when I’m ready.  Sometimes I’ll dance or do yoga in this space as well, depends on the day. 

Zone 4-“Cozy Nook”:  I try to use this area every day to have a cup of coffee and go over my plans for the day.  I also use it when I need a break or when I am reading, this area is great to relax on the couch.  Occasionally I do Zoom meetings from here as well, so I have a laptop table at the ready. 

Zone 5-“Zen Zone”: I have attic space above the cozy nook.  Part of it is for storage and the other part I converted into a little area I can relax and meditate in.  While the coffee’s brewing, this is the first place I go to start the workday after my walk.  I spend about 5-7 minutes up here, which is just enough time to clear my mind after the chaos of getting everyone out the door in the morning. The “Zen Zone” really starts when I leave my house and enter the studio.  As soon as I lock my house, I clear my mind and start breathing slower.  When I enter the studio, I put down my things, turn on my Himalayan salt lamp, light a candle, read an inspirational quote, start the coffee and head up to the attic for meditation.  (Of course, this was before COVID, homeschooling, etc 😜)

So that’s it, that’s my studio tour!  I’m so happy you get to see where the magic happens.  

I’d love to see your home or outside current COVID home office space, show us some pics! 


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