Top Wellness Gifts for the Holidays

Looking to give the gift of wellness this holiday season? Check out this post for recommended wellness products for around $30 and under!
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If you’re looking to give gifts of wellness to friends and family this holiday season, you are in the right place.

Looking for technology-related gifts to make lives easier? Also, check out my post from last year here. 

Here is what is trendy and magical in the wellness space this year…


Yogi Organic Tea Sampler: 45 assorted herbal, green, and black teas each with an inspirational message on the tea bag.  I personally use Yogi teas and love that this gift comes in its own special gift box.

Venture Pal Motivational Water Bottle: I know I don’t drink enough water, so this motivational water bottle that comes in pretty ombre colors is perfect for those looking to hydrate more or to bring along with to workout.  Maybe you want one for yourself too. 

Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Variety Pack: Soothe Soak, Melatonin Sleep Soak, and Muscle Therapy soaks make the perfect bath that helps stimulate circulation, ease muscles, and soothe achy joints. Total relaxation with this trio. 

Jar of Smiles: Daily Inspirational quotes at your fingertips when you need them that come in their own gift box.  Guaranteed to make one smile. 

Mindfulness Cards: Simple practices for everyday life for daily gratitude.  We all need that!

Breathing Buddha: A cute little friend for both kids and adults that guides you through quick breathing exercises.  You can also rub his head for good luck and see what happens. 

 Start Where You Are Journal: A beautiful watercolor journal with guided prompts to promote your self-discovery. I love this one and give it as a gift all the time. 

Healing Crystal Candle Gift Set: 3 Organic candles with healing crystals that each burn for 20 hours.

Himalayan Salt Lamp with Oil Diffuser: a healing lamp in 2 ways! 7 different mood lights, waterless auto-off with remote control. 

Essential Oil Gift Set: 16 100% therapeutic organic grade essential oils that come in a pretty wooden gift box (to use with the salt lamp above or in other various ways such as in the bath, etc.

Acupressure Mat: Use it laying down or put on a chair, this mat comes in different colors and helps reduce pain, increase circulation, and increase energy flow to release tension and improve the way you feel. 

Asana Moon Yoga Cards: For those who want to start yoga, but don’t have the time or motivation to take a class, they can pull a card and try a new pose every day to start. 

Ninja Personal Blender:  Protein shakes are easy when you freeze your ingredients in sandwich-sized bags, then dump them in here and you have a smoothie in seconds when you don’t have time to make breakfast. 

Skillshare: Online learning is an awesome experience!  Give the gift of learning from 1000s of online courses.

Sahajan Ayurveda Body Care: I love this women-owned brand, where all of its products are based on the 5,000-year-old science. I highly recommend their oils, masks, and bath soaks. They are the real deal and worth the price. 

Imagine Meditation Cards: These beautiful cards are a gift in themself with beautiful art that guides kids into empowerment, focus, and relaxation. 

Kids Yoga Mat Set: Comes with a cute mat in 2 colors, a bag, and yoga cards to help kids learn poses while self-guiding through words and/or illustrations to cater to different ages. 

I am Peace Book: A lovely book that introduces children to the benefits of mindful awareness. 

3-minute Gratitude Journal for Kids: A self-reflection journal for older kids.  What I like about it is that it’s a daily reflection so kids can look back and see their progress as they move through the journal. 

Mindfulness Game: A game that promotes family connection, perfect for dinner time or game night to bring everyone together and learn about each other.

Kiwi Crate: Ages 0 and up, crates starting at $11. These are really cool and age and subject-specific. So if you have a 16yr old who plays guitar, you can send them a set to build their own or if you have a younger child into art, you can send them an art project.  I love this company!


I hope these gifts help you find just what you are looking for, or something you didn’t think of!  If not, there’s always the gift of time and experience. 

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Happy Holidays!

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