Who’s in your head right now?

You know that moment when someone random just pops in your head? Maybe a celebrity, someone you went to school with, etc. Tell us who's in your head!
who's in your head

I don’t know about you, but sometimes random people or actors will pop in my mind, which sends me to social or wiki to see what happened to them.   

So last night, I was watching Schitt’s Creek (great show if you are looking for a new one on Netflix) and Catherine O’Hara in the show reminded me of the movie Beetlejuice.  Then I was thinking about Michael Keaton and how Beetlejuice seems like an odd role for him. 

This led to me remembering him in the early 90s Batman movies which I loved!  So I went to Wiki to see what he was up to.  In other words, I officially entered a “black hole” of the internet. 



I learned he volunteered on Mister Rogers and also did a voice-over in Call of Duty…he’s still pretty active and not as old as I thought! I ended my black hole there. 

Who’s in your head right now? Share with us on social in a meme, Giphy, or just tell us. 

I’m curious to see who comes up!

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