When we cannot become what we need to be…

If you want to become someone better, you cannot remain you were yesterday. Learn how to embrace your transformation in this post.
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We are about to enter mid-January.  Remember those resolutions you had to become healthier?  I see you over there…elbow deep in a bag of Cheetos!  This is why I despise new year resolutions…they set us up for disaster thinking the concept of change is an “all or nothing” process.  

Go ahead girl, enjoy those Cheetos.  Tomorrow is a new day!


Whatever your goals are for this year, this month, or this week…the first step is believing in your goal.  I mean, I want you to believe your goal so much that you can imagine it…

What do you look like achieving it?

Are you crossing the finish line of your first marathon?  Is your boss telling you about your promotion?  Are you launching the website for your first business?

How do you feel?

Are you feeling happy, accomplished, relieved, or relaxed? 

What’s different about you? 

Do you hold your head higher? Wear different clothes? Are you in a different setting?

Having a strong belief in your goal is the first step to becoming who you need to be.  Imagine this new you daily to consistently remind yourself of this image, this dream, this goal.  The more you believe, the more you send the message to yourself that it can happen. 


In order to become who we need to be, we have to align ourselves with who we want to be.  

become beforebecome after

In relationships, this means if we want to be sober, we surround ourselves with sober people.  If we want to try yoga, we sign up for a yoga class. If we want to try cooking, we buy ingredients for a recipe. If you want to become a boss, you buy some professional clothes. 

You see, by beginning to set yourself up for who you want to be, you are one step closer.  

Alignment is all the little choices you make to make your belief become a reality. 

So what choices are you going to make today or tomorrow to align yourself to your belief of who you need to be? 

Get excited thinking about the small things you can do to align yourself.  It is a way to trick your fear of big change, so it’s less likely that you will self-sabotage when you choose a small change first. 

Letting Go

This is the hardest part.  There is a grieving process to become who you need to be.  Letting go is freakin’ hard!  

Maybe in order to become healthier, you have to let go of your sugary snacks.  Or perhaps you have to let go of some things in order to become the minimalist you want to be.  Or maybe you have to forgo getting ahead at work by staying late so you can be the parent you want to be.

Whatever it is, be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to adjust.  Change is hard and creating new habits means letting go of old ones. Letting go doesn’t mean we forget.  

We are humbled by our beginnings. We remember our work and the strength we gain as we strive for our better selves. 

Old You-New You

I believe that you can become the person you want to be.  You must believe in yourself first.  

See the future you want.

Align your every day to get closer to who you want to be.  

Let go of everything that no longer matters.

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