Trading the Hustle for Cozy

This year I'm not draining myself for the "hustle." Instead, I'm getting cozy in 2021! Coffee, my mukluks, and a good book are all I need.
trading hustle

This year I’m doing things differently.  I’m re-designing my life, my way and I’m getting cozy damn it!

In the past, I lived for the “hustle.”  I’d bust my ass every day in all the roles I play… like a boss, a mother, etc.  And for what?  Exhaustion?  No thanks!

In 2021 I’m getting cozy because running nowhere is nowhere to go. 

I’ve learned that I am most inspired when I slow down.

Inspiration from Rest

My best ideas for my work come not at the times I’m hustling.  They come in the shower, when I go for a walk, or when I’m reading.  So that’s what I’m going to do.

When do your best thoughts come to you?

How can you do more of that and less of draining yourself?


The Lie

The lie is that if you aren’t busting your ass, you must be lazy.  Don’t believe this for a hot minute.

If more of us slow down we can actually hear our own thoughts, follow our intuition, and create amazing things.

The best thing you can do if you have a deadline at work and feel stuck or in your head is to go for a walk, meditate or do something to give yourself some space.  Then all of a sudden, whatever you are working on will become clear…try it!


This starts with you and your bosses.  We need to promote getting cozy in our work so we can produce the best work possible.  We need space to think, grow, and enrich our minds.  Without that we are just hamsters in the same wheel, looking outside for the answers.



 The answers are on the inside if we allow ourselves to rest and find them.

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