“Bullshit makes good fertilizer”

The bullshit in our lives can help us find strength and beauty in ways we never knew. Especially during this pandemic, we are growing stronger every day.
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There’s a more delicate saying in Buddhism that goes something like “the lotus grows from the mud,” but hey, “bullshit” is something we all live with and seems more real, so let’s go with that. 

After reading this post, you will discover that bullshit makes for stronger people and that includes you!

The concept here is that something beautiful can only grow out of the dirt we experience.  Think of leaving a micromanaging boss for a better job with more flexibility.  Or a woman enduring painful labor to bring forth the beauty of a new child. 

We need to look at the bullshit of our lives as a catalyst to grow into something better than where we started. 

It’s funny how when we are deep in the “bullshit” we feel defeated, managing a heavy load of whatever it is like work, managing the household, home-schooling, or the effects of COVID-19. 

It can often feel like we are surviving instead of thriving, just trying to get through the day and complete the tasks needed to hold everything together.  Or maybe you are quite literally trying to stay alive and well as one of our incredible heroes working on the front lines of COVID in our healthcare system.

There’s been a lot of unforeseen circumstances that have affected us all.  Businesses, homelife, and everything in-between have been turned upside down.  Heck, I used to eat out every week and I haven’t set foot in a restaurant since March 7th! 

Whatever you’ve been through or are going through now on top of all else in this time you are getting stronger.  All this bullshit is a good fertilizer for your future self and you may not know it!  

We all face different challenges throughout our life and in different chapters of our lives.  In the end, please know that you will rise like this with surprising force and energy you didn’t know you had in you! 

Strength has appeared all around us.  In our schools, cultural communities, in our hospitals and overseas.  The everyday people all around us are rising every day through their strength to overcome. It is incredible.

So think of this quote when you are experiencing whatever bullshit comes your way and know something better is bound to grow from it, one day at a time.

If you are interested in learning more about fellow Jersey Girl Marie Forleo or her journey, I highly recommend her book below:

Everything is Figureoutable: 



You are strong. You are perfect. It will only get better!

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