Make your Comeback with a New Vision

Make your comeback with a new vision that's primed for possibility in the future, freedom from the past, and peace in the present.

It’s my favorite time of the year…vision planning!  An opportunity to put out to the universe what you want to manifest for the year and a chance to make a comeback.  Some will think a “comeback” is getting back to a place you were before. Like if you broke a limb and had to sit on the bench for a while until you could make your comeback on the soccer field.   

In coaching, I view a “comeback” as coming back to a place where you can align with your vision.  Now, this could be a past vision, a present vision, or a future vision.  Only you know that. The comeback serves as something to ground in from a place of hope and alliance with following your goals or a greater purpose.

How Do We Begin?

Simply put, your comeback begins the moment you think it into existence.  It’s something you create, the idea or vision you have for yourself. It’s interesting how the actual thought is formed.  It can come from the past, the present, or the future, or perhaps a combination of the two.  The fun part about beginning is that it’s so diverse.  Some people think it, some meditate on it, others draw it out or paint it in their imagination.  There’s really no wrong way to begin.  You probably have some idea of what you would like your life to look like in the new year, so that’s a decent place to begin.  

But beginnings can happen at different points for different people. It’s fascinating in coaching where everyone’s comeback starts.  There’s certainly magic in meeting others to expand on their vision. Let’s explore the top places where a comeback starts…

Comeback from the Past

For some, it comes from the past. Perhaps from negative experiences that they have gained power, resilience, or purpose from.  Those experiences are a reminder of where they don’t want to be, how far they’ve come, and where they are now. If this is you, please keep in mind how far you’ve come and then give yourself the freedom to let go of the parts necessary so that you can comeback to a new vision.  This vision is most likely grounded in strength, perseverance, and the will for a better future. 

Comeback from the Present

Then, you have some people in the present.  Their comeback lies in meeting themselves where they are at.  This sounds so easy, like “Here I am universe! Let’s just get this vision going!”  It’s actually the most difficult place to ground into because the present breeds the most emotion.  Most of my work here with clients is what I call “the stripping of the masks,” which is where we remove how you define yourself, “I’m an accountant,” “I’m a mom,” “I’m a partner,” etc.  We need to get past all the labels to get to the real purpose and that shit is REAL hard shit for people.  Once it’s all stripped away, the purpose usually presents itself and then we can comeback to a vision for it. 

The number 1 emotion people experience here in the present is fear. It’s scary to have all your roles and titles stripped away so that all that is left is you. However, we use that fear as a motivator to create the vision we want for ourselves and the fear here is actually a positive driver in the process. 

Comeback from the Future

I know what you’re thinking, so here it is…


A comeback from the future is grounded in possibility.  You know there is a life out there for you and you are coming back to the idea that the life you imagine can actually be yours.  Making a comeback from the future is a pretty cool experience, but it also can be scary for people who live an ordinary life and actually know in their gut that this future vision is something that may lead to an extraordinary life. 

No matter where one starts, there is emotion, there is drive and there is unlimited potential to the process of bringing this vision to life. 

So let’s do it!

Step 1: Alignment

While it’s easy to just slap some magazine clippings to some poster board and call it your “vision,” it’s more than that.  Think about your comeback, where is it coming from?  It could be the past, the past and the present, or another combination.  Heck, I’ve had clients comeback from meditative visions and other unconventional places, so really don’t box yourself into the past, present, or future if you comeback from someplace else.  Those are there because they are the most common.

Next, give yourself some solitude to connect to your vision.  If you can be barefoot for this, it is best. Walk, sit, whatever, and think about next year… 

Where do you want to be? 

How do you want to raise the bar? 

Does “raising the bar” feel slightly scary?  If yes, that’s good, keep going!

What do you want?

What do you really want?

Some people can see their vision play in their thoughts like a movie. Others might see shapes or images in their mind’s eye. Some don’t see anything in their mind’s eye, but they know what the vision is and the words that tell its’ story. 

Step 2: Vision Boarding
Creating your vision board is the fun part.  It’s where you get to draw, clip from pages, write and put your dreams into writing.  
I wrote a post all about how to create a meaningful vision board with intention that includes a free template that you can check out here.

I suggest reading that post to understand how to create a meaningful vision board first before jumping into it, so you can make sure your purpose is aligned with what goes on the paper. 

Step 3: Put it Out There

You know where your comeback is coming from.  You’ve taken time to connect to your vision.  You have a vision board that puts your vision in a physical form you can look at. So now what? 

Don’t leave that board somewhere to collect dust.  Put it somewhere that you can see it daily.  What will happen is that the more you look at what is on there, the more your emotions in your brain will mirror what you are seeing on the board and that’s where the vision starts to become real. 

What’s actually happening here is mirror neurons in your brain are mirroring your emotion developed in your amygdala (your emotional center) from the vision.  This research is fairly new, but promising in the sense that we can scientifically show that our perceptions can become our reality the more we are exposed to our perceptions (i.e. your vision board).  Pretty cool!

So look at that board, keep your visions close in thought, in your conversations with friends and acquaintances and you might just be watching your dreams become a reality in the new year. 

Last year I had 8 out of the 9 things on my vision board birthed into reality!  That was a record for me and I’m ready for an even bigger comeback in this new year! How about you?


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