“Be a curator of your life. Slowly cut things out until you’re left only with what you love, with what’s necessary, with what makes you happy,” LEO BABAUTA

Let's explore how to remove what isn't serving you right now to create a life of less stress and more happiness!
curator of life

This quote is a reminder that your life matters and it is yours to take care of. I once heard a story of a guy who decided to embrace the minimalist movement.  This is a movement where you live with only what is necessary.  We’re talking no knick-knacks, maybe 7 outfits you repeatedly wash and maybe 2 pairs of shoes. 

If you’ve seen the number of shoes in my closet, you would discover I am not a minimalist. 

I would say I’m a minimalist in other areas…just not shoes. Or notebooks…I have a lot of those too. Oh and candles! I love candles!


Back to my story of the person who packed their apartment in boxes.  What happened after is that they took out only what they used the next month, and got rid of everything else. Sure this is extreme, however, we can learn a lot from this person and the commitment they made to themselves to remove what wasn’t needed in their lives.

When I coach, this is a hot topic of personal discovery.  Through coaching people typically discover ways in which they are creating more work for themselves, participating in toxic relationships, and sometimes have an abundance of something in their life they could use less of.

What happens once this discovery is made is nothing short of cathartic.  They learn what they want and what they need to purge from their life.  When the stuff that brings negative memories is gone, the toxic relationships are in the past and the excess removed what is felt is a relief!

Sweet relief, sweet freedom from the burden these things once caused.  It’s amazing for me to watch someone curate their lives, remove the negative, and replace that space with positive happiness.

Do you have something negative in your life that you can remove?  Imagine what it would feel like to not have that one thing.  How can you make that happen?

With things, it’s much easier than relationships.  Maybe it’s a relationship that you can’t necessarily completely purge because it’s your boss.  In that case, perhaps you could set boundaries with them (like no communication past office hours) or limit your communication with them when you can. 

Begin to curate your life so you are left with as much happiness as possible.

You got this!

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