Top 3 Ways to Declutter

Let's make room for 2021! Read on for the Top 3 Tips to declutter your home from Clutterbug, a local home organization business.

Here we are, at the end of the year, and still stuck in our homes!  Whether you are happy or not about being home, I’m sure we can all agree it may be time to declutter. Let’s get some positive vibes in our homes by cleaning and organizing in simple ways. 

Usually, my posts are geared towards the complicated internal parts of our lives.  Today’s post is quite literally dealing with the external clutter of our own homes.  

If you are like me, you probably feel anxiety creep in as the mess does.  One sock on the stairs seems to gradually develop into a trail of laundry, followed by a trail of crackers, leading up to a trail of toys, and who knows what else is around the corner (I don’t want to look!).

I personally love organizing my home to make it both functional and pretty. The owner, Nicole of Clutter Bug, an NJ-based Home Organization Company feels the same.  She is a working mom who began organizing her home amidst the chaos of having everyone home this year.  Her personal organization ended up becoming a business that aims to help clients declutter and organize.  

Here’s what Nicole recommends as you begin to declutter and make room for the new year…


Clutterbug’s Top 3 Tips to Declutter:
1. Declutter with company: Have a friend or professional accompany you when purging your clothes. It makes things a lot more fun and easy when you have a trusted person with you to help make tough decisions. If you don’t know where to start, begin with one category such as shoes, purses, or undergarments. 
2. Streamline: Throw out all of your mismatched hangers and streamline things by purchasing all the same style and color hanger. This actually makes a huge difference in the aesthetic of your closet and will help your eye go directly to your clothing and not to the crazy mess of hangers we all tend to accumulate over time.
3. Donate: Donate the things you don’t need anymore to a reputable charity or to a family that is in need. Donating is not only heartwarming and helpful it also will give you more motivation in the future to more quickly part with the things you no longer wear or need. 


About Clutter Bug:

Clutter Bug is a New Jersey-based company that is always here to help if you need some guidance or company in your decluttering.

Reach Clutter Bug by clicking the logo above or call/text (609)384-9205 
Clutter Bug Home Organization began amidst the madness of 2020. As a working mother Nicole (owner of Clutter Bug) found it very hard to keep things in order and get organized. As she started looking for new ways to make things a bit easier at home she came up with some practical, efficient ways to streamline things and create functional pretty spaces. Clutter Bug is here for all of your needs, no project is too big or too small!
My Favorite Organizational Tools:
1. Shelf Dividers: These things are life-changing!  Above my closet, there’s a whole shelf that I just threw randomness on.  Now all my bags are organized by type and divided with these amazing things.
shelf dividers
2. Under Bed Storage: These can be used under the bed, but I actually use them at the bottom of my closets to maximize space.  They are stackable and have dividers inside.  Plus the clear lid allows you to see what’s inside. You get 2 in a pack, which is a great deal
under bed storage
3. Stackable Bins: Bins that stack and can maximize shelf space.  I also use these in my closet on a shelf, so it essentially creates 2 drawers for me.  Use them on bookshelves or standalone bins.  I like how they conceal the clutter and “clean” the space they fill. 
stackable bins
4. Divided Turntable: I know this doesn’t look that exciting, but once you fill it you will want one in every room.  Think kids’ snacks in the fridge, bandaids, and medicines, accessories in your closet…really endless uses for this one.  


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Declutter for 2021:

Let’s start in 2021 with a fresh start, clean drawers, and a home we like to look at.  One room at a time and with some tools to make your process easier you’ll be on your way to declutter 2020 in no time! 

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