Dismantle Walls Between Your Dreams

Are you building walls between you and your dreams? Start prepping now for a better 2021! No excuses, your dreams are waiting!

It’s time to dismantle those walls between yourself and your dreams!  2020 didn’t go the way we expected.  I was pregnant for most of it, so I luckily passed up all the breadmaking and wine drinking, however, I held onto the vision I had for 2020 and have kept that alive to have its start in 2021.


Our Walls

Hard to believe, but we do build our own walls.  Sometimes a wall can be an excuse.  An excuse could look like something we create to avoid people, a difficult conversation, self-sabotage from ourselves because we feel we don’t deserve something (that we may actually want).  

What walls have you created in 2020?

Whatever those walls are, it’s now time to start taking them down for 2021.  

While most people are holding onto those bad habits they created this year with hopes for a fresh start for the new year, you are going to start to dismantle walls now. 

This does 2 things…

  1. It eases the anxiety surrounding change in the new year
  2. It helps you begin to create better habits now so you’ll already be making them more permanent as the new year begins
Editing 2020

Break out a journal, piece of paper, or a napkin soiled with good smelling coffee (or wine), and let’s give ourselves some perspective looking backward for a moment.  We mustn’t bury 2020 without first processing the walls we build between ourselves and our dreams.

  • Stuff: What stuff did you acquire in 2020 or just have hanging around you want to edit for 2021.  Maybe you have 5 black skirts and want to sell 2.  Maybe you bought a bread machine and now you want to lessen your carb load.  Are there things hanging around you just do not use? Grab all those Amazon boxes that accumulated over the months and start filling them with things that no longer serve you. 
  • Boundaries: Think of the boundaries that have been crossed you now want to build walls for.  Maybe it’s not answering work e-mails after a certain time or only certain times.  Maybe it’s carving out me-time because you and your partner (and/or kids) are around each other all the time.  Maybe you are setting an invisible boundary between yourself and the leftover Reeses that call you from Halloween.  Whatever those boundaries are, choose them now so you are well aware of how they affected you in 2020. 
  • Mindset: Are there any self-defeating thoughts were on repeat in your head in 2020?  Write them down and get ready to cross them out for 2021!  We don’t need self-talk building walls against ourselves or our goals.  We are going to strive for a more positive mindset in 2021. 
  • People: Who in your life do you want to edit for 2021?  Perhaps someone toxic you want to edit out completely or maybe you want more space from your roommate.  This could also be giving someone more time…maybe more self-care for you or more time with your kids/partner because work blurred into home. 

Looking Forward

Allow yourself to heal from 2020.  It was an insane year filled with all kinds of crazy we are sick of (literally and figuratively).  Now is the best time to start. 

As we lead into December this week I am going to help you dismantle these walls along the way.  The posts this month are going to be geared towards prepping positively for 2021 with fresh eyes and a fresh mind. I’ll sprinkle a couple of posts to embrace the holidays as well. The posts will include activities to help you visualize what you want for 2020, set goals, and stay positive for a better year! 

Let’s knock down those walls so there’s nothing in our way. 

See you in the next post to keep this rolling!

You got this!


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