Final Gratitude Challenge

Spreading gratitude one post at a time! Join us in the final gratitude challenge this month. Read on for this week's theme...
gratitude challenge 4

We have completed 3 gratitude challenges now, woohoo!  

This month has flown by and I hope that the past few weeks of gratitude have made some space in your heart to find joy in reaching out to others.

New to the Challenge? No Problem!

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Our purpose is to give back to others and reap the mind and body benefits gratitude has to offer. Each challenge has a theme that we follow that usually aligns with what people don’t have enough and need more of in their lives. 

There is no time limit here, do the challenge anytime or the ultimate challenge of completing all 4 on the same day!


Today’s Challenge: Positive Message

This one is probably the easiest challenge of the 4.  The challenge is to leave a positive message somewhere for someone, anyone.  Trust that your message will find the person who needs it the most.  



  • Leave a post-it on a table for someone to find it
  • Use a dry-erase marker to leave a message on a bathroom mirror
  • Paint a message on a rock and place somewhere people will see it
  • Leave a message in a mailbox
  • Use chalk and leave a message on a sidewalk
  • Post something positive on social media
  • Leave an encouraging note in your child’s lunchbox
be you


Please post a pic of your message on social and feel free to share a story about it if you would like.  I’m looking forward to seeing them! <3

Please share this post so we can spread gratitude as much as possible. We all need it now more than ever!

Thank you for participating in the challenge!  

Next month, join us as we prep for an amazing 2021!

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