Do you know someone who is awesome?

Today is Fun Friday and today we are going to give a shout out to the awesome people in your life! Make someone's day and join us on social.
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We’ve all been through a lot within the past 6 months. I’d argue there have been many aspects of life that you wouldn’t classify as “awesome.”  However, today is Fun Friday so we are going to shout out to the people who’ve helped make your life a little more awesome the past few months.  

Give them a shout out on social.  Maybe it’s a neighbor who you borrowed something from.  A friend who gave some words of encouragement.  A spouse or partner who said something to lift your spirits.  Let them know on social that you appreciate them and think they are awesome!  

Kindness is contagious and the world could always use a little more kindness each day.  Feel free to go beyond your social post and give someone positive words in person or via text.  Wave or say “hi” to people you walk by in your neighborhood.  Pay for the rando’s coffee who’s behind you in the drive-thru.  It’s the little things that show there is still trust and kindness in our world today.  Pay it forward! 

Join us on the social platform of your choice at the top of this page.👍🏻😘

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