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“What I do every day matters more than what I do once in awhile”

Let's find momentum with today's quote that tells us that habits are important for creating everlasting change to reach your goals. Enjoy!
every day matters

I love this Gretchin Rubin quote because it tells us we all have to start somewhere and keep that momentum going daily. 

Every day matters.

In this time, what you do every day matters.  If you want to exercise every day, make it happen. If you are homeschooling young children, you got to keep that up every day.  It’s hard to be home right now, especially if you have a family with you, so do whatever you can to stick to the top everyday habits that will make a difference.

If you are new to working from home, it’s a major adjustment.  You may not think of your dirty dishes when you are at the office.  Now that your “office” is your kitchen counter your dirty dishes are just staring at you.  If you have kids they may be jumping in on your Zoom calls yelling “poop!’ (true story here). 

Right now, my living room looks like there was a heartless war, leaving so many crumbs and too many stuffed animal casualties. My husband is working at the kitchen counter while incessantly humming the “Mexican hat dance” song. Homeschooling has taken over my entire dining room and 3 hours of my day-confirming many reasons why I am not a teacher (Teachers-you rock and need to be paid a million dollars a year!). 

If you’re like me, you’ve been trying to find some structure in your day to stay on top of your goals and well, stay sane.  I know that I am not alone here as many of my clients feel the same and are just trying to survive each day or not feel blurred between the lines of work and home. 

Create a daily plan that gives you some space to do what matters every day.  Remember to give yourself some grace.  The way you used to structure your day most likely doesn’t look the same now.  Where are the pockets you create a structure? 

For example, my morning used to be my self-care/prep for the day time that included breakfast, meditation, reading, and walking.  Now, the only thing I have time for in the morning is a quick walk.  I make sure that walk happens every day and I listen to audiobooks or podcasts on my walk to replace my reading. I remind myself that this time is temporary. Every day matters and I need to make the most of it the best I can.


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