Welcome to Insights Blog!

Welcome to the Insights Blog! Full of inspiration & self-discovery to design the life you want. Join me in each post and on social media. You got this!

Welcome to the new official Life Design by Amy Insights Blog!  

Because of setbacks such as COVID-19, it’s certainly taken some time to get this blog and website off the ground. FINALLY, it’s out in the world!!! Pop the virtual champagne with me and let’s dive into these posts!  I will, of course, include lots of personal stories along the way because my life is certainly full of stories (and some weird ones at that). 

Ultimately, this blog is for busy people like you who want to be inspired to design a meaningful life.

My last blog was 1 quote that paired with a challenge weekly.  Let’s just say this new blog has drunk a lot of Red Bull and will be posting new awesome content 3x a week.  Life design after all is about possibility and focus, we need to be consistent if we are going to design the life we want! 

Here’s what to expect:

Motivational Monday: Inspiring Quotes

Insights Wednesday: Will focus on a specific topic of life design including real coaching breakthrough stories, self care, work-life balance issues, opinions, business, parenting and self-discovery, etc.

Fun Friday: Random topics, lifestyle reflections, questions, or tips, mostly on social media.  I want to keep Friday fun, so join in the conversation!

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