Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything

Happy Thanksgiving! Let's instead appreciate everything we have and the people in our lives. FREE cultivate gratitude journal prompts!
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Expect Nothing Appreciate Everything
FREE Gratitude prompts here...

Happy Thanksgiving Life Designers!

This year probably looks weirder than your turkey on zoom.  Maybe you aren’t hosting as usual or forgoing the turkey for Chinese takeout.  Quarantine Thanksgiving is something I’d never thought I’d experience, but here we are.  Let’s appreciate what we have.

Longer Table Not a Higher Fence

It boggles my mind how many people walk right by you, head down, on a mission to what? Get to the next place? 

One summer I challenged myself to say, “hello” to every person who passed me while hiking for this reason.  There is no reason to ignore other people.  Honestly, I felt great saying “hello” even if some ignored me.

This reminds me of how isolating we are in our society.  We need to invite people to be part of our lives through connection whether a non-vernal nod or a dose of conversation. 

So this Thanksgiving, create a longer table by reaching out to others and not a higher fence to keep people out. 

This reminds me of a story I read about a woman who was replacing an old fence.  The fence installer asked her if she wanted to close the gap between her fence and her neighbors for “total privacy.”  

She declined.  That gap is what connected her to her neighbor, who was a fellow mom.  They shared conversations about their kids over the years, exchanged missing ingredients for cooking, and exchanged meaningful conversations.

That’s what we need this thanksgiving, to cultivate that sort of gratitude.


Appreciate Everything

If we appreciate our health, the food on our tables, the people around us it makes a difference.  For some reason, gratitude seems to only show itself around the holidays.  

Gratitude is not a rare vintage wine to only be shared at particular times.  It’s for every day to touch the lives of others and bring meaning to our own. 

Expect nothing from others and appreciate all you have this Thanksgiving and every day.  Be mindful that we are all human and in this crazy time together. 


Gratitude Challenge

We cannot display gratitude too often.  The more you give, the more you will get in return.  Let’s make it contagious and spread it around today, tomorrow, and the next. 

You are welcomed to join our themed weekly Gratitude Challenge any time:

Week 1: Time

Week 2: Food

Week 3: Money

Week 4: Positive Message

Happy Thanksgiving!

I appreciate you and all you do for others


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Expect Nothing Appreciate Everything
FREE Gratitude prompts here...

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