“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny”

Do you have an extraordinary destiny waiting? It's difficult to see through a hardship when you are experiencing it, however, overcoming it can be positive! Read to find out more...
Hardships prepare

Looking at my past, if I didn’t have to work hard for the things I have I think I would be a totally different person.  In my childhood I had to become an adult early on, however, this experience gave me countless gifts of independence, responsibility, and perspective I don’t think I would’ve found otherwise. I don’t think I would be able to connect with people the way I do either.  I get hardship. I understand the struggle and so I connect with all kinds of people in a way others can’t.  So thank you dysfunctional childhood for creating a leader and not a follower, a self-sufficient strong woman who makes her dreams a reality! 

It’s important to look back at our hardships and see the opportunities they have given us to grow and the skills we’ve acquired along the way. Especially if your hardships were out of your control, it’s important to remind yourself what they’ve given you and not what you’ve lost. 

Presently our world is full of hardships, but I also see new resilience and gratefulness.  Anyone like me out there wondering why all the toilet paper’s gone, but there’s still plenty of Pepto Bismol on the shelves? Anyone? 

The past 2 months have certainly been interesting.  If you asked me in January what I would be doing now, I would be rockin’ my new website, lovin’ the 19 motivational speaking gigs that were scheduled, and going on a special family vacation to Disney World.   Yet here we are, still quarantined, schools closed, Door Dash on the regular.  

Here’s what I learned during this time:

  • Home:
    • My house can look like a war zone AND still function.
    • Homeschooling has taught me the patience I would never know without it.
    • Family first, always.
  • Work:
    • Creativity is the best skill to have during hardship. All business owners out there are more creative than they know.
    • Optimism is contagious. I’m charged after each coaching session with my clients as we stay possibility focused! Thank you clients!!!
  • Self:
    • My close friends are freakin’ unicorns because we all lift each other up, no matter what.
    • This is a “season” of life right now.  We are all stronger than we know and our extraordinary destiny is still out there…imagine it, visualize it on the regular, and laugh every day at anything. There’s something better out there for all of us, it’s just around the corner.
Here’s something to laugh at right now!


Overall, I think whatever struggles we’ve gone through yesterday or are experiencing today will ultimately prepare us for a better, more resilient future.  We learn we grow, and we cope.  I do think this time will ultimately change the way we live, how we spend our money, how businesses operate, and how we treasure our health and family in positive, more effective ways. 

What have you learned during this time? Tell us how your hardships have helped change your perspective and what gifts they’ve given you. Or post a funny GIF for us to have a good laugh! ,

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