Who is eating more quarantine takeout than usual?

Who has been eating more quarantine takeout than usual? Let's join in some fun and show each other pics of our takeout this week! Yum!
quarantine takeout

During this time of COVID, one of our family memories will be eating quarantine takeout.  My daughter asks when the “doorbell food” is coming, it’s sad. I really need to Pinterest ideas on how to create a dragon out of all these plastic containers…

Anyways, before this crazy time, I would say we would order takeout once or twice a week on the busiest work nights.  Now, with all the at-home craziness, takeout is on the regular, I would say 3-4x a week. And you know what?  I don’t even care! I don’t have time to cook and the stores are diseased so there are not many options these days. Did you hear about the lady who got arrested for licking things at the grocery store? True story right here

No one wants this scenario…

“Mom, what’s for dinner?”

“Well son, there’s a bag of Cheetos, a carrot, or some raw chicken…take your pick!”

Takeout is looking much more viable when you can order it on your phone and everyone’s getting a meal, right? 

I live in the woods, so this means we alternate between the same 4 restaurants…it’s not that exciting, but it works and I am grateful for the weekly cycle of pizza, subs, chinese, and tacos.  

The bottom line here is if you are ordering more takeout, don’t beat yourself up about it.  Chances are your roles have changed.  Maybe your like me and along with mom and business owner-you are now childcare, teacher, activity coach, housekeeper, etc.  This is all for the temporary…so order that takeout and remember how much money you are saving on gas!

And major kudos to you if you have a family, are working AND are putting any food on the table any night! Seriously, you should get an award! 

Get out and get active when you can and remember this is just a bizarre season of life at the moment.  If you have healthy takeout options, go for it!  We will be back to our “normal” eventually and you have to do the best you can right now.  

Wanna see what we had for lunch recently?  Here it is!

cheezit doordash

This is my cat Cheezit.  Don’t worry, he won’t eat my pizza.  He only enjoys the shittiest cat food money can buy.  My other cat has a more refined palette. She likes meat and cheese plates and will try to also drink your merlot so watch out!  Cheezit here is just warming his furry ass on my gluten-free pizza.  

Join me on social and show me your takeout this week, furry friends a plus! 

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