Into the Unknown

Launching my new website & blog during COVID has certainly thrown me into the unknown! Read to find out what it's like to launch a business now.
Into the Unknown
Yes, this title is a shameless Frozen 2 reference because Elsa and I have a lot in common in hearing our calling.  It’s that little voice that just won’t let up and keeps sending you ideas.  Sometimes we brush off this voice and sometimes we just want to say “fuck it!” and run to it with open arms.  This voice increasingly became a problem (or lifesaver) over the past 2 years for me.  I’ve taken a lot of little steps with a lot of encouragement from my coaching clients to create an online presence. This was difficult because as of this post I haven’t been on social media for almost 2yrs (I’ll talk more about that in an upcoming post)! Coaching is personal, it’s reflective, it’s being vulnerable enough with yourself and your clients to change lives.  Putting all that online coming from a therapist background is a huge change.  You see in therapy, I used psychological interventions (often determined by insurance companies) with clients being seen as an expert where there is an expectation to uphold professionalism all the time.  There are also a lot of restrictions on what I could post online from an ethical and professional standpoint.  This is why I love coaching: I can be myself, use all and any interventions I need to help my clients as a collaborative partner and occasionally have a potty mouth. But am I really ready for the online space? Sometimes the moment you feel you aren’t ready is the exact moment you need to make the choice to get to that island of success and burn the ships.  So that’s what I’m doing. I learned a lot from my background and education. I want life coaching to be about re-designing lives that work while helping more people than I ever could in a brick and mortar private practice.  My clients are my motivation because they tell me what they want.  They want a website, they want a Facebook group, etc. Part of that is creating this very blog for you! So I work hard to get it all done and then BAM! COVID-19 hits.  What luck right? All of a sudden I am a life coach/homeschool special needs teacher/housekeeper and who knows what the hell else I’ve been doing that I don’t do normally.  All I know is I’m tired and I’ve been watching a lot of Oak Island at the end of the day when I am exhausted. They’re still looking for the treasure and I’m still looking for “normal” almost 100 days into quarantine. So here we are, into the unknown!  The unknown of the state of the world…my unknown of running an online business, the unknown that toilet paper will be re-stocked in the store. In conclusion, if you are reading this, you get it.  We are all in this together and doing the best we can with what we have.  This website might not look like how I imagined it would when it was supposed to launch in March, but hey it’s out there and can only get better moving forward.  That’s what life coaching is all about after all…moving forward and staying possibility focused. The unknown can be a place filled with more opportunity and possibility than we could ever imagine, so hang on! We are all going to come out of this crazy time with more strength, resilience, and more hope than ever! I welcome you to sign up for the Insights Blog below and follow me on social so we can keep in touch and stay motivated together. Find my posting schedule here. We got this!

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