Is Quitting an End or a Beginning?

Quitting anything can be scary. It feels like an end, however sometimes that end sparks a new beginning full of possibility.

When we think of “quitting,” our society usually thinks of failure, laziness, and other negative words that lead us to judge someone as a “bad seed.”  Today’s post is to convey that quitting can be a positive choice, a new beginning.

 A New World:

We can agree that the world today is much different than the past…and I don’t just mean like decades ago, I’m talking about months ago! Gone are the days of our elders where their jobs after high school became a full-time career until retirement.  The average person actually changes their career these days 4-6 times. 

Where resumes used to be looked at for 1 area of study, now employers are looking for versatility across subject areas. We want people who can work collaboratively across departments, work with limited resources, and have knowledge in multiple subject areas.

Gone are also the days were not so long ago we commuted to work and sent our children off to school (at least for now). This has sparked many people to quit things.  By choice and not by choice, however, quitting some of these elements like a nasty commute has presented that new beginning we are talking about.  We have been given a gift here to change.  Change can be hard. A new routine takes adjustment. It can be rewarding at times if you just jump right in and embrace the opportunity.

Look at all the major life decisions that have happened around us.  People getting married without a giant reception. Friends traveling while they work from their laptop (I love seeing where these traveling friends end up each week on social!).  Families deciding to move to another state because they can and rates are low. These moments that happen every once in a while are now happening all at once. Some by choice and some not.


You choose where your story goes next…

My last few posts have a theme of developing a positive mindset and this post is no different.  You have the control here to have a mindset that leaves you open to the opportunities and possibilities that quitting can bring about.  Let the stories of others around you inspire and motivate you to take that next step. 

Where quitting was once a negative term, now our collective mindset has shifted.  We are looking at a new beginning.  

Being able to work from home, from another state, another country. We are re-prioritizing our lives to perhaps home school our children or turn a once hobby into a flourishing career. It’s all about how you look at it.  Finding the flowers in the weeds…

We are learning to build our self-awareness in a way that allows us to see the opportunities laid out in front of us.  Clients I have coached over the summer before my leave was finding energy through their own new beginnings.  They were starting to exercise, eat healthier, spend more time with their families, change careers. All because after the initial shock of the COVID changeS, they saw they had time, they had opportunities, they had no excuse.  

Your New Beginning:

When we are in the daily grind of life, it’s hard to see those opportunities in front of us, let alone actually eat lunch without working!  Now we have a new way to look at things.

Now, I know I know…there are a lot of things wrong too, and I am not discounting the grief, the mask-wearing, the deaths, sickness, other losses, and people losing their minds having their kids home.  We all are exhausted hearing about those things.  I am simply asking you to find a new beginning for yourself. 

Lean into this new season of your life with eyes wide open.  

Start asking yourself:

“What do I want to do?” rather than “What do I have to do?” 

“Who do I want to be” rather than “Who am I now?”

“What opportunities are in front of me” rather than “I am stuck because…”

That’s a huge shift! Help yourself find a sense of peace.  Let that peace move you to find gratitude for what you have. Let it help you see the opportunities for positive change in your life.  Permit yourself to quit what’s not working to embrace new solutions, new people, new experiences.  

A new beginning is waiting for you, go get it and quit what no longer works.  

You’re worth it!

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