There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done…

Anxiety lives in our past and future. The present is where all the good stuff happens. Are you ready for this moment? Find out here...
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Holidays and any breaks some of us may have had come to an end today.  My maternity leave officially ends this morning, so I feel like many of us are in a weird time-warp.  If we’re going to really live, and I mean live in the present, we have to read this quote and allow ourselves to believe it at the same time. 

The Dalai Lama, full of wisdom and meditative grace is a master at this.  I’m sure the rest of us need some work…

It’s like we are standing on the edge of a cliff.  We can jump into 2021 and hope our jetpacks are functioning enough so we can soar into the horizon.  Or we can fall…

If we fall, it’s typically because of anxiety.  Those knots in your stomach and the persistent jumble of thoughts in your brains.  The “what if…(insert something bad from the past happens again)” or “what if…(some catastrophe from the future happens).

The Past

Our pasts have certainly shaped us.  They have given us rules to live by.  They have taught us many things about ourselves and the struggles of living in a human world.  We can reflect on our past to show how far we’ve come.

We cannot allow our past to dictate our future or let negative history repeat itself.

Our past is a guide, it shows us things we need to work through and what we have overcome. If there are moments from your past you do not want to re-live, don’t allow yourself to let it creep in or give you the old messages that are no longer relevant to your life design. 

Yesterday, you were not the person you are today.  You are stronger, braver, and wiser for what you’ve gone through, experienced, or learned. 

The Future

What we think of our future can shape us just as negatively as our past does.  When we throw our worst fears out to the future, we can falsely manifest our fears right to us!  We don’t want you to manifesting your fears, we need your dreams to manifest.

Dreams manifest in the NOW

It’s totally cool to think of your dreams.  I encourage you to imagine yourself achieving them!  Studies show imagining your dreams can help you make them happen.  Injured athletes who imagine themselves in their sport actually recover quicker and rebuild from muscle memory, so we know this works. 

So use your future as a house for your goals and positive thoughts.  Catch yourself when you do what I call, “catastrophizing” and shut that shit down! Make room for your dreams, for abundance, and for the images that bring a smile to your face.

The Now

Right now, you have a choice this moment.  Are you going to let the past consume you?  The “what ifs?” of the future.  No, you aren’t!

Take a deep breath in…..1. 2. 3…now out….

Right now is your time.  It’s your time to inhale, “You are capable.” “You are strong.” “You are meant for more.” 

Exhale your past pain, future worry, and all else that keeps you from living the life you want. 

Live in this moment. Look around you and appreciate what you already have.  How can any of them help achieve your 2021 goals? 

Whatever comes this week as we embrace 2021 and all that it is about to bring, know that in the present you can do great things.  You can get through this week and make it great by staying in the moment so you can live how you want to live.  Not by how the past or the fear of the future wants you to live. 

Be you. Live in this moment.  Your time is now.

You got this!  


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