I’m Going Outside! Find out Why

After a cold and disgruntled winter, I'm going outside. Read this post to find out what's out there for me and what it can do for you.
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I’ve definitely felt trapped this winter.  Despite traveling out to my studio in my Uggs, I’ve been inside, looking out to mostly gray skies and a dried-up lawn.  As the buds frow and the new grass is beginning to emerge a fresh shade of green I have been inspired to go outside. 


Benefits of the Outdoors

Nature provides everything you need.  There are so many benefits from being outside for both the mind and body.  Fresh oxygen to your brain, activity to feed your muscles, the sunshine to warm your body, the beauty of nature.  

Spring is a time of renewal.  It’s a time to think about the future in a way that inspires you to stop hibernating your ideas and instead make a move on them.  A literal and figurative step outside can provide the thoughts you need, or the movement to get your thoughts moving.  Taking in the world around is therapeutic on its own, so get out there!


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What’s Out There For Me

For me, nature is a lot of things.  Outside I get signs from the universe, I get meditation from going for walks.  I get my best ideas outside, sometimes I even coach outside on the phone.  The outdoors inspires me and propels me forward in my life during the good times and the tough times.  I can always count on nature.  

I’m ready to trade my socks for flip-flops, eat outside every night.  Look up in wonder at the stars and BBQ on the grill.  As the days get warmer I find myself feeling uplifted and optimistic for what’s to come. 

So as I start to go outside more, I feel the darkness of winter lifting from me.  I can open myself up more to the possibilities nature has in store for me and am hopeful our world will envelop into a new normal that allows for more flexibility and compassion than ever before!

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