Lookout for Wonder Everywhere

Read this post to learn more of how the presence of wonder can add immense value to your life in intricate ways.

When we grow up and start adulting, we can get lost in reality and lose sight of the details that give us life. I’m talking about that sense of wonder that reminds us we are human.  Responsibility and obligation have no place at that moment.

Get Out of Your Head

List, lists, more lists! and No, adding Wonderbread to your grocery list is not the way to cultivate a sense of wonder.  Getting trapped in our heads full of lists and management of our personal and professional lives is daunting.

When we are in that place, we cannot open ourselves to find a sense of wonder unless it quite literally slaps us in the face.  So we need to allow some space in our heads to be open.  By being open, I mean opening ourselves to our environment, our inner thoughts, being mindful in the moment while also being on the lookout for something special.


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Whatever that special thing is, is personal.  While one may revel at the sight of the Grand Canyon, someone else may just see a big rocky hole.  Some people can have a sense of wonder around watching their dog while the cat lover next door is grossed out by all that dog drool. Create space in your mind to be open to all perspectives.  Then, notice what captivates your attention and let it linger, appreciate it, and be there with it.  That’s the way to get out of your head and into the moment of wonder.


The Value of Wonder:

Wonder can add value to your life in many ways.  Once you know what captivates you, you can seek it out or let it find you.  That’s what wonder is about…letting it come over you in a way without judging.  Being full in-the-moment to let it give you the gift it has for you.  Like when you go to an art studio or museum and something stops you in your tracks.  That moment where something catches you, that’s wonder right there.  

Here are some ways wonder can add value to your life:

  • Gratitude for the present moment
  • Creativity 
  • Inspiration
  • Valuing what you have
  • Curiosity
  •  Spirituality
  • Gain knowledge
  • Learning 
  • Personal growth
  • Recognizing beauty
  • Build wisdom 
  • Feeling joy

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We must fully understand that wonder is something for happens for you.  It’s really a special thing, so like the quote tells us we cannot lose that.  It is something that is out there for us if we can allow ourselves to be open enough to see it. 

Ways to Find Wonder:

Unlike those missing socks in the laundry, wonder is quite easy to find.  Go outside in nature (without your cell phone).  People watch anywhere.  Go someplace special in the world.  Watch kids play.  Watch a baby sleep.  Push yourself outside of your comfort zone.  Watch a live performance.  Do something not part of your routine. Volunteer. 

Look up at the stars in the night sky.

Wonder is everywhere, waiting for you to notice!


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