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It's time to prioritize your life! Learn to schedule priorities rather than following a to-do list. Take control of your calendar today!
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We all find ourselves from time to time trapped to our to-do list rather than focusing on schedule priorities.  You know those things I’m talking about on your to-do list like:

  • water plants
  • make a grocery list
  • vacuum 
  • prep dinner

and so we find ourselves prioritizing what’s on our schedule, our lists…watering the plants, making the grocery list…leaving the important things, the true priorities to the wayside. 


True Priorities:

To schedule priorities, we need to first know what they are.  Right now, what are the top 3 things you want to accomplish that are important to you, your values, and your relationships:

  • Today…1. 2. 3.
  • This Week…1. 2. 3.
  • This Month…1. 2. 3.
Take a moment to write those out.  The pieces may be different for each or perhaps you find a common thread that links to a larger goal…either is fine. What you are left with is your true priorities. I’m sure watering the plants and vacuuming don’t seem so important now huh? 


Schedule Priorities:

Next, we need to revamp that to-do list to an actual schedule.  This means maybe using a calendar in your phone, an alarm, or a planner, whatever works.  Put those top 3 items for the day, week, and month on your calendar FIRST. Schedule priorities and then fill in that to-do list in the order it needs to be complete. 

So many people like us get lost in the list and miss the mark on what’s important.  

Relationships are important

Your self-care is important

Doing something to reach a personal goal is important

Don’t get lost in the schedule, to the to-do.  Schedule those priorities first and keep pushing the rest until it fits. You will feel better for it, more balanced, and most importantly-more in control. 



Now, I know you are feeling motivated so stay with me!  Once you complete this exercise please remember this quote to stay inspired to continuing to schedule priorities.  Stay the course for a day at a time and pretty soon you’ll have a couple of weeks under your belt.  That’s enough time for this new way of scheduling to become a habit.  

A habit to a better you, a more effective you who can schedule priorities first!

Stay consistent and positive that you can do this and continue to do this.  Whatever else is on the list may continue to be pushed back, but hey, a dead plant is worth the sacrifice if it’s in the way of your weight-loss goal or your working on your degree.  

You got this!

Want to read more from Stephen Covey who gave us this awesome inspirational quote? Here are some recommendations for his books:



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