Gratitude Challenge 2

Spreading gratitude one post at a time! Join us in the second gratitude challenge this month. Read on for this week's theme...
gratitude challenge 2

I hope you enjoyed last week’s challenge where we expressed gratitude by giving someone our time.

Of course, you can do this challenge any time, so feel free to read more about the Time Gratitude Challenge here.

Today’s Challenge: Food

Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to farm your own food and be thankful for the land. That would be cray cray. 

food thanks

Just like time, food is not an infinite resource, yet we cannot live without it.  Right now, due to our pandemic circumstances, there are people out there who have limited access to food (people in remote areas), are unable to make their own (think of our seniors), or with limited time (parents homeschooling small children and working).  So let’s give to those who need it, or strangers because hey-this is a challenge!

  • Make and give a meal to someone
  • Send a meal with Door Dash
  • Buy a coffee for the person behind you at the coffee shop
  • Bake a treat for someone
  • Donate food to a pantry or shelter
  • Buy a homeless person a meal


What else can we do with food and gratitude? 

Share with us on social how you completed this challenge. I look forward to hearing <3

Please share this post so we can spread gratitude as much as possible. We all need it now more than ever!



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