Lighthouses Shine Where They Are

Lighthouses don't go running. We can drive ourselves crazy in busyness when we just need to be still. Read this post to let yourself shine!

Lighthouses don’t go running!  A silly quote, yet powerful in that reminds us we do not need to push ourselves all over the place, we can instead shine where we stand.

So how can we shine by standing still?

Here are a few ideas…



Create Your Own Happiness

Happiness isn’t in a purchase, the next best thing, or someone meeting your expectations.  It’s inside of you right now. Seriously, happiness can be a mindset you set and run with it.  The only person in control of you is you.  

 Wanna find it right now? Ok, let’s do this.  I want you to stand up.  Yes, you!  Stand up.  Now take a nice deep breath and smile.  

Say, “I am happy” and keep smiling.  Now turn on a dance song…pick whatever.  

Now step away from the screen and freestyle dance for a whole minute.  Get really into it…

Go you! Go you!  It’s your birthday!  Shake your booty! 


Welcome back from your dance party! How do you feel now? I hope you have a smile on your face.

Creating your own happiness is about shining where you are.  Be the lighthouse! 

Ask For What You Want

If we are going to shine on our own light a lighthouse, we can’t be running all over the place looking for what we want.  For example, I had a client who unfortunately lost their job last year.  They were looking for jobs all over the place, applying to job sites, and feeling exhausted.  She knew she had the skills for these positions, but as a resume in the wind, she was getting nowhere.  It wasn’t until she posted on her social media what she was looking for did something happen…a friend from college connected her to someone in another company and POOF! New job found after months of searching.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.  Whether it be a job, for your partner to clean their share or for your kids to take on more responsibility.  Let others know what you need from where you are, like the lighthouse. Running around wastes energy and may not get you where you want to be.  

This is especially true right now in relationships.  Ask your friends about the time when you need to talk.  Ask your partner to skip date night when you need time alone.  Ask your kids for some privacy so you can poop in peace…you get the idea. 

Sometimes we have to throw our message out from a higher ground that gives us an aerial view.  One that puts what we need on a larger platform, that can spread more easily and also lets our needs be known.  Ask and you will receive!


Protect Your Light

When we shine our light, we need to also protect it.  First, this looks like setting boundaries in your life.  Right now, boundaries are blurred between home/work, your kid’s school/home, so they are more important than ever.  Set limits and boundaries when you need them.  Start work at a certain time, end at a certain time.  Set “Do Not Disturb” on your phone when it’s time to wind down for bed.  

What other boundaries can you set? 

Think about who you give time to as well.  Are your friends all drama?  Maybe you need to set boundaries to distance yourself from that.  Who brings you energy and who drains it?  That’s how you know who will help you shine and who will turn off the lights.  


Love Yourself

Letting yourself shine is more than just my points above.  It’s about self-love.  Knowing what you need, what you want, and protecting yourself from anything that stands in your way.  Your happiness and success depend on your choices, with the ultimate choice being to give love and grace to yourself when you need it most. 


Stay strong, grounded, and let that light shine!

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