“Sometimes ‘fuck’ just feels appropriate”

Sometimes there's no better word than "F---!" Read more to find out who said this and see what I have to give you momentum today.
fuck feels appropriate

When I read this quote I laughed out loud and thought “How true! ‘Fuck’ does feel most appropriate at times.”  We all have those moments when something happens and there’s just a no better word for the moment. 

For me recently, this came up when…

a. I found out school was closed for the rest of the school year. Noooooo! 

b. I can’t tell you how many f-bombs I’ve dropped getting this website up and running.

Please note: When small children are around I say “Fluff!” But you know…sometimes there’s just no better word right? It slips, we are human, we all make mistakes and move on.   

I’m sure we could all use a laugh today as we start the week, so tell us about a moment when “fuck” felt appropriate to you. The funnier the better!

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