“The secret of getting ahead is getting started “-Mark Twain

Want to know the secret to getting ahead? Read on to learn small ways to feel accomplished and motivated. For the win!
getting ahead

The idea of getting ahead sounds magnificent!  I can imagine it now…the feeling of victory…I’m jumping up and down in exhilaration of the win.  I can hear the cheering of the crowd.  This is it. This is the moment. 

The moment I finished laundry on the same day I started it! 

True story my friends, it’s the small things I do to “get ahead” that make a huge difference in how I feel day after day.  I know that if I don’t do a daily list of small things, I will feel like my world has gone to shit and like I cannot catch up.  I hate that feeling and I make sure I remember it as motivation.

So many of my clients tell me they want to get ahead, yet it’s so hard for most of them to start.  I’m the coach that pushes because it’s my job to help people reach their goals. 

I remind them it’s the little steps that lead to the finish line of a goal. 

Sure, we all want to get into a helicopter and just fly there, but we’d lose so much to be experience along the way.

So how do you start to get ahead?

First off, you need to know where you are going.  If it’s to start a new business, your first step is going to be coming up with a name, product/service, and figuring out who your clients are.  

If it’s to be promoted at a job, it’s going to learning the steps and what the boss is looking for to earn that promotion.

If it’s to start and finish your laundry on the same day like me, then you need to plan out your day to accomplish the steps: washing, drying, folding, and putting away. 

Here are 5 tips to get ahead every day:
  1. Put out the clothes you are going to wear tomorrow tonight. This avoids multiple changes and having to think in the morning. I put out the clothes, accessories, shoes and even the makeup I’m going to wear.
  2. Pack lunches ahead. I pack lunches on Sunday night for the week.  Some people do it every night. Do what works for you.  I find if I don’t do this I spend money on eating out usually on something quick and unhealthy.
  3. Prep the calendar the night before. At the end of the night, I sit down and look at my calendar and my family/work Meistertask for the next day. I make any notes or reminders I need and have a mental picture of my day and what to expect. 
  4. Goodnight prep.  When you tuck your kids into bed at night, you can tell them what to expect tomorrow.  This helps minimize anxiety and it makes your job easier as a parent if your kids know what to expect. If you don’t have kids, you can do this with your partner or talk out loud to your cat about your day. It’s gonna be a good day, meow! 
  5. Make your bed and open the shades: I do this every. single. morning.  I let the light pour into my room (until I feel lazy enough to buy automatic shades) and make my bed. For me, it helps set the tone for the day and I already feel accomplished. 
In conclusion, getting ahead is all about getting started.  It takes one small step to move in the direction you want to go.  When I went online with my coaching business this year it was all in steps…I had the domain name purchased almost 4yrs before I went live!  I created social accounts a year before I made a post. Getting ahead is never impossible. 
I took whatever little steps I could when I could to make the dream happen.  

So can you!

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