Reminder: You are Amazing!

By the end of the week when we feel like we haven't accomplished enough, we need that reminder, so here it is: you are amazing!
you are amazing

In our heads, we can be the worst!  Our biggest bullies are inside ourselves and today I am here to remind you that yes, you are amazing! 

No matter how your week went, you have tried your best, used what you had, and created what you could.  There is never enough time, enough luck, or enough energy in our lives. 

When you feel like this, it’s important to remember that:
  • You are enough
  • You are loved
  • You are amazing!

Seriously!  I am impressed every day by people all over. Despite circumstances and to the extreme of not having enough food or money people can overcome so much. 

What boggles my mind is no matter how difficult the circumstance, there is no credit for perseverance, resilience, or just plain survival.

One of my clients lost her mother a couple of months ago.   She wasn’t able to visit her before her death in the nursing home.  She had to put together a virtual funeral and somehow was managing remote schooling with 2 children by herself because her partner who worked in the medical field and was self-quarantining in another state.  I mean come on, that is amazing!

In our sessions, she would constantly tell me she wasn’t doing enough, wasn’t there for her mother enough, her children enough, etc.  I had to stop her mid-sentence and remind her:

You are amazing! 

and that you are too!  Maybe you haven’t experienced the survival my client had to endure, however, you have your motivation that keeps you going every day and that is a lot. 

So as we embrace this weekend, be sure to remind yourself that you are doing great, plowing forward and that’s enough! 

Better yet, if you know someone who needs to hear this, let them know you think they are amazing or just share this article by clicking one of the share buttons below. 


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