This Time is a Good One

We all have the same amount of time as Beyonce. What can we do to give ourselves more time? Read the post to learn more!
Time…we love it, we hate it, most of us need more of it. Time is seasonal in that there are times when you have a lot of it (think being a kid) to none of it (think new parents), to some more of it (think retired and doing what you want to do). 
The key to time is to find ways to optimize it.

This means rather than trying to escape times we do not like, instead, we can use the time to come up with better solutions to the personal obstacles that stand in the way of our goals.

The Breakdown:

With 1 hour being 60 minutes, we have 168 hours in our typical 7 day week, or 10,080 minutes.  

Let’s day we sleep 8 hours a night, so 56 hours a week and we give 100% to working so 50 hours a week.  That leaves 62 hours for other things in the week.  Where does that time go? 

Feel free to break down/write down a picture of your own week. Remember, commuting time counts, childcare, side hustles, whatever you normally do.  It’s important to give yourself a picture of where your time is spent to discover where you can save time, or think about what you want to do with it. 

Biggest Time-Sucks:

Really, it’s the little things that kill like social media, waiting on hold on the phone, cleaning your house, making food, etc. 

If you are curious how much time you spend on the phone and where that time goes I would suggest using your phone’s settings to check how much time “screen time” you engage in.  If you don’t have this active and have an iPhone, go to settings-screen time and take a peek.

If you want to read about my 2-year social media detox, check it out here.

Anyways, people who know what to do with time take these time-sucks seriously.  I’ll tell you their secrets…

The Secrets:

  • Delegate: If something needs to be done that someone else can handle they ask.  So if you’re working late and can’t make dinner, maybe someone else in the house can. Or there’s always delivery.
  • Deprioritize: That trail of socks on the floor, do you have to pick them up now on your way to work or can it wait?  If it can wait, let it wait.  Focus on what IS more important, like working out, your side-hustle, playing with your kids…there’s always something more important than socks.
  • Outsource: Outsourcing is not reserved only for wealthy people.  Outsourcing is for smart people who understand time is money.  So if you make $50 an hour and it takes you 2 hours to clean up your lawn every week…it would make sense to hire a landscaper for $25 a week.  Or if you hate cleaning your house and would rather see more clients at work…do the math…if you make $100 an hour and cleaning costs $25 an hour, it makes sense for you to work and someone else to clean.  Time is money…think about that when you outsource and you might just save time and make money simultaneously! That can be a life-changer right there.

This Time is a Good One:
So where do you want your time to go now? If you know what you want to do with your time and can make it happen by figuring out your time-sucks, use the secret tools above and start to manage your time more effectively.
Take a moment and think about your goals…
Now about those goals…
-What can you do for 30 mins a day?
-15 mins?
-5 mins?
The time is now to inch closer and closer to those goals. Use the secrets and those little pockets of time.  

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