Happy Valentine’s Day Love!

Today we are re-writing Valentine's Day.  Doesn't matter if we don't feel sexy or have someone to buy us crappy chocolate. Read for more love.

Today we are re-writing Valentine’s Day as we know it.  It doesn’t matter if you’re single, or you and your partner are in a slump.  Love has no boundaries.

This Valentine’s Day we are going to love ourselves first, then those close to us before we get down on ourselves about romance.  

Love Yourself

Single people, I feel for you.  I come from a time where dating didn’t have smartphones or even emojis! Gasp!  We actually had to talk to people and had to really wink at them.  Crazy, I know! Dating today, pandemic or not seems exhausting. 

I mean I personally couldn’t imagine going on a dating app and finding people like this…


I mean, John definitely looks more like he’s in his 30s.  And after some coffee, the hike he mentions seems ominous…no thank you!

Whether single or not, don’t feel sorry for yourself.  Do something YOU like to do.  Play video games, watch a movie, eat your chocolate, and don’t share.  Just enjoy your me-time. 


Love is Everywhere

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be images of barely-there lingerie and candlelit dinners.  It can be time with your family exchanging cards or sending some in the mail. 

We like to make heart-shaped pizzas and say things we love about each other in sweat pants.  




You Are Loved

You are loved.  If you think no one loves you, I love you for reading this post!  You are an awesome person if you read things like this to better yourself.  So be you, eat that chocolate in comfy pants, and connect with those you care about.  Eff the hate in the world and any inner bullies you have. You have all the love you need right here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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