Right now my life is unpredictable. Do I thrive or take a dive in these circumstances? Read the post to find out what's going in...

Unpredictable things can make or break a person’s flow.  In my case, my flow has been broken and I’m not happy about it.

Life design is tricky, there are things in your control and things not in your control.  Even though I am a Life Coach, my expertise doesn’t protect me from things out of my control. The same frustrating things my clients’ experience, I sometimes experience too.

I knew coming back to work after my maternity leave during a pandemic would be tricky.  Pre-pandemic life just looked a lot different and was definitely more balanced because I knew what to expect. Now “unpredictability” is part of daily life. 

On any given day, I don’t know what to expect or what my work schedule will look like depending on if childcare/school is open or closed.  My Plan A can go right to Plan C or disappear in an instant depending on school or childcare issues.  Just in the past 2 Mondays, schools were closed again for snow days.  A normal “snow day” becomes a “full remote school” day with me as a teacher, mom, and life coach.  Some of my clients have the same childcare issues as myself, so we are all in this together

Already this year, daycare has closed early for an entire week, my daughter’s school was closed multiple times, she was sent home due to possible exposure (thankfully false alarm) and has been full remote some days and 1/2 hybrid days the rest of the week.

Here’s a pic of 2 weeks’ worth of my kindergartener’s remote/homework we have yet to catch up on…

32 pages (double-sided), 25 site words, 2 books, 3 projects, and growing

school work

This work is not really just homework, it’s work to make up for the other 1/2 of the school day she is not in school due to the pandemic.  My job is to keep her motivated, do what we can, and forge ahead because that’s all we can do.  I’m a working parent and my standards were lowered when home school started last year.  I have no mom-guilt because it is what it is…

Let’s stop and take a deep breath and look at something cute…

double trouble


By nature, we as humans appreciate predictability…

and right now we cannot predict what can be predictable in the current times

So I’m with you. Life is unpredictable right now.  What is predictable is that we can make sure we have empathy and understanding of each other during these times.  We are doing our best for ourselves, our families, and our work.  Take on one day at a time and do what you can. 

Bring it on unpredictability, we are flexible!

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