Someday is Not a Day of the Week

I want you to stop saving what you want to do for another day. Lets get this party on your calendar. Go get it!

“I’ll get to this someday,” says everyone, everywhere at some point and time in their life.  Maybe it’s the pile of bills on the counter, scrapbook photos in your Dropbox, or the dream you have to do that something someday.  



I don’t know about you, but I like to dream. I’m a creative spirit, so basically, that means I get inspired by…well, everything! The positives of this are that I always have something to think about, write about, or do.  

The negative of dreaming is that all the “someday” ideas and projects can be overwhelming.  So overwhelming that we shelf those ideas, forget about them or they may cross our minds from time to time to remind us that they are out there. We may shrug them off, especially if we don’t think they are possible. 

But possibilities are important and they start with dreams.  Those dreams of better health, business growth, or learning something new can quickly become a reality.  All you have to do is bring them to life with meaning and purpose.  For example, what would eating better someday mean to you?  Maybe that means better health, fighting cancer, more energy, or living longer.  Whatever the meaning of your dreams are can give you purpose and motivation to turn those distant dreams into a near reality. 



What do you dream about doing one day?

  • Visualize it right now…
  • what are you doing? 
  • How do you feel?  
  • Is this something you really want? 
  • How would it change or add value to your life?

Reality is closer than you think…



Believing in yourself and your dream is the keystone to turning someday into an actual day.  Sure, it may sound cheesy, but we can be the worst bullies in our heads.  Having a belief mindset can transform your life, open doors, and turn your dreams into reality more than anything else.  It’s that powerful. 

The more you dream, the more you’ll believe and the more you believe, the more you will do.  

So think about it, read about it, watch videos about it, takes notes about it, talk to others who made that dream a reality.  This is how we keep the belief alive. If fear comes in with some catastrophic thought, turn that into a belief thought.  Instead of “What if my dream fails?” change that to “What if I succeed?”  

What if you do succeed?  Wouldn’t that be awesome! Heck, I think it would be an awesome dream if I can finish laundry this week!  It would be amazing to see my floor again, no really!




Remember the best-case scenario is just as possible as the worst.  Keep the belief alive and don’t let fear keep you from the action…


Let’s take steps to make those someday dreams a reality!

If you have fears or anxiety about making you someday happen before you are ready, sit with those fears for a while and reflect. What are you really afraid of?  Remember, no one is paying as much attention to these things as you, and you are in control.  

Dreams are not out of reach if we can move past fears and start to make them happen.  Even if it’s something small like making dinner during the week.  You can take small steps like putting related tasks on your calendar. Fo buying dinner this may mean a day to buy ingredients ahead, a day to prep on the weekend, and ultimately set yourself up for success during the week.  Most of the time, social media feeds us lies that things just happen, people look good all the time, or have great luck.  That is just not the case, small steps are almost always in place.
People set themselves up for success and you can too!
Take small steps, visualize yourself with those someday dreams reached, and schedule those steps to start to make them happen.  It’s more hard work than luck out there in the real world.  You are in control. Talk about it with friends, put it on the calendar, make a vision board about it.  

Draw out your dream by segmenting it into smaller, more reachable goals, what would it take to get there in reality?  

So if you want to drive a certain car, how much extra money would you need or save? Do you have the time for extra work? Could you look for another job or learn another skill that would yield a higher salary? …Open up the possibilities for yourself and set realistic goals.

Learn how to use SMART goals to set realistic goals here.

From dreaming to doing, it’s all about mindset. You have to believe in your dream and in yourself to get it moving.

I believe in you! Let’s make that someday, sometime soon!

Dream it, Believe it, Do it!  


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