What was your first job?

Remember that first job? Let's go back in time today and reminisce what is what like to earn that first dollar as we learned the value of work.
first job

Let’s go back to your very first job…

Maybe for some of you, that wasn’t so long ago and if you’re like me it feels like forever ago because it was!

I remember wanting to get a job for 3 reasons at 14yrs old. 

  1. Coming from a single income household, I wanted to be able to afford basic things for myself (first priority was my phone line to talk to my friends.  My phone was attached to the wall with a twirly wire…yup I’m old!).
  2. I wanted to save up for a car
  3. I wanted to work with my friends. 

My first job was at McDonald’s.  I worked at McDonald’s until I left for college and had a lot of fun there with my friends.



Sure, I came home every night smelling like a french fry and wasn’t a fan of changing the gross oil vats, but it was an easy job. While working the busy shifts on the weekends went by so fast it barely felt like working at all.  On weekdays if things were slow, I was able to study or read, which was also a nice perk. 

The other funny thing about my first job was it was where I became friends with my future husband!  He was older and my manager when I met him.  Ooh, la la! I thought he was a nice guy and I didn’t date those, so I tried to set him up with a friend of mine…but she only dated artists, so it didn’t work out for them.  As time moved on, we became closer and our Big Mac love story continues. 

My first job at McDonald’s surely wasn’t glamorous, but it did a lot of positive things for me.

It helped me pay my phone bill, my dial-up internet bill, and feed my family at times when food was sparse. It bought my first car, paid my college application fees, and gave me opportunities to hang out with my friends where money was necessary.  

Tell us on social, what was your first job?  Any funny stories?  We want to hear them! 

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