Where do you want to travel to right now?

Maybe you've had to postpone vacations or are dreaming of someplace to go. Join us on social and tell us where you want to go!

Prior to March, I had 2 vacations planned.  One for my birthday and another quick family get-a-way for mother’s day.  Then the world suddenly turned into one big dumpster fire and my travel plans turned to crap.

Since then, and more than ever, while I am writing this I am 9 months pregnant and on bed rest, I want to travel!  I mean, I’ve got it baaaad!  Like I’m imagining myself drinking a nice glass of wine outside at a restaurant (with no mask on because this is in my head).  I imagine myself hiking in Sedona, traveling on a Mediterranean cruise, going to Disney World with my adult girlfriends.  I have full travel plans pinned to Pinterest boards ready to go. Oh, it all sounds so nice! 

The more I spoke to my friends, the more I connected my own travel desires to theirs.  We all want to get out and go big!  Ans we all want to get out and go small too!  I’m talking haircuts, walks on the beach, eating in your favorite Thai restaurant.  I know with babies on the way, I probably will not set foot in a restaurant until well until next year sometime, who knows! 

Even though the world is still not back to normal, I would encourage you to imagine yourself in a special travel place before you fall asleep at night to ease your worry.

Connect with your desires and allow your body and mind to focus on what is possible for your future.

So please, share with us on social where you want to travel to!  Go big or go small 😊I’m

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