The Sign of a Beautiful Person Is…

What is a sign of a beautiful person? Well, turns out it's not photoshopped selfies on Instagram. Read this post to find out!
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We know of a beautiful person in our lives.  That beautiful person who is lifting others, finding the positive in each person, and who puts themselves aside.  Opposite of an ugly person, or someone who is consistently putting others down, pushing people out their way so they can move ahead.

Behind Each Face

We need to remember that behind each face is a story.  That story holds all the emotions of love, loss, hope, and despair.  We all share pasts that contain the joy and destruction that are part of humanity.  There’s a beauty in that.  It’s why we are attracted to autobiographies and watching other people’s lives on YouTube. A beautiful person holds a humility that contains all that story and perspective that make them a whole person.

It takes that person to recognize that in an individual.  If we look past conflict, we can find qualities that others may not be able to see. Good managers can see this and bring out the best in their employees.  Best friends are also able to do this, even in the hardest of times for their friend.    


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Finding Beauty

So the next time you find yourself judging someone based on their appearance, what you know, or whatever…remember a beautiful person sees the beauty in others.  They aren’t using the negative to their advantage.  They understand there is more to people than what they put out there on social media or what products they wear or use.  

Finding beauty in all people is a skill that I feel everyone should have.  It’s one way to learn empathy, embrace joy and be a good human.

So the next time you meet someone new, be a beautiful person and find the beauty in others.  Bring out the best in them so they can better themselves and in return, you will become a more beautiful person each and every day!

If no one tells you today…I appreciate all you do for others, even if you haven’t done it yet.  Now go be that beautiful person I know you are.

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