Wind at my back

The wind is at my back. I'm feeling those external forces at play and it feels exciting! Read to find out what's going on right now...
wind at my back

I’m a pretty intuitive person.  Every once in a while I feel the Northwind begin to blow and get this nagging feeling that change is coming.  I can feel the wind at my back, pushing me forward towards something new and different.  

These external forces are magical and special, so when they come, I listen.  It’s like how nature gets quiet before a storm…all the animals know it’s coming.  That’s the feeling I’m talking about here.  Something is coming my way and I’m open to whatever it is.  I’ve learned in life that change is good and embraced that.  

Sure, sometimes I’m pretty slow to update my phone, but eventually, I do.  Heck, I just joined Instagram months ago!  However, there are other aspects of my life that I move quicker in.  Particularly being there for my family, my friends and being thoughtful in the ways my busy life allows.

When I feel this wind, I know the universe has something new in store for me.  Already, a couple of things on my vision board have come into reality and I find that pretty amazing. Read more about vision boards here.  The universe listens to what you put out to it.  That’s why stress so much positive energy through this blog.  I hope that it will inspire you to put your energy out there too.  You don’t have to create a vision board to do that, but hey, it doesn’t hurt anything putting what you want on paper, in papers, or telling other people. 

Everyone and the universe want you to have what you want, you just need to ask!

Maybe once you start putting that energy out there, you will feel your Northwind too.  It’s perfect to normal to feel nervous when it comes.  Right now, I am a little nervous too.  I get like this because any change is hard at first.  However, at the end of whatever chapter this is, I know I’ll grow and become stronger. As my quote said in a previous post this month…” the best way out is always through.” 

So wind-I’m listening.  I’m here.  Push me in the direction I need to go.

Stay tuned…

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