Being Happy Never Goes Out of Style

Being happy never goes out of style! Read the post to find out how you can harness Lilly Pulitzer's vibrancy in your life.
being happy

Being happy is for everyone, optimists and pessimists alike. Lilly Pulitzer is known for her bright and vibrant fashion brand.  I am a personal fan and think harnessing bright colors help to lift our moods.  This is why I try to wear some bright color no matter if I’m running a webinar or walking outside in the dark of winter. Her quote for this post is just as bright and timeless as her style!  We all can harness the feeling of happiness we all deserve…

Happiness doesn’t have to be saved for some unknown time.  I believe happiness is important for wellbeing, so important that it can alter your entire being.  Science is confirming this more by studying genes and telomeres, with overall wellbeing and biological aging.

So what keeps us from being happy all the time?


Happiness is for Everyone

In my time being a therapist and life coach, I find it quite interesting that people often feel they do not deserve happiness.  They believe being happy is reserved by some accomplishment.  Like “I will be happy once…”

-the floors are clean

-I go on vacation

-I have a break

-I complete this task, etc.

You do not need to tie your happiness to an accomplishment! 

Being happy is for everyone, no matter what needs to get done.  Yes, even you! You can be happy with the dishes in the sink, the clothes in the hamper, and the work project that doesn’t seem to end. 

Let’s see how we can get there…


Create Happiness

Being happy is a warm, fuzzy kind of feeling.  One we can tap into at any time with the right mindset. 

A happy mindset can come from the following things:

  • Notice what is good: Sure, there’s a lot out there right now to be unhappy about.  We already know that.  Now think of what you do have that can bring about happy feelings.  Like you’re partner’s smile, your kids playing, happy memories from a past vacation, etc.  Harness those feelings next time you notice the dishes in the sink or whatever grinds your gears.  
  • Positive affirmation: We are our own worst bullies.  Sometimes we can get so annoyed with ourselves we just want to jump out of our bodies and give our face a good slap!  This is where being happy can be as simple as being kind to yourself.  Pat yourself on the back, say out loud or in your head something positive like “I am so happy I got all the kids’ remote work done today” or “I am so happy I was able to take a moment to do something for myself today.”  Words to ourselves are everything! Use them wisely, kindly, and being happy will come easier and easier the more you keep the good words rolling. 
  • Humor: Seriously, there are so many memes these days.  Just go find a Bernie Sanders one and roll with it!  Cats, whatever…something to laugh at can does wonder for our soul.  Go find one right now!  The smile, the laugh, will all reconnect you to those being happy feelings. A daily dose of humor can go a long way.
  • Connection: As humans, no matter how introverted we are, we thrive on connection to others.  In our world today, it’s so easy to isolate ourselves from those we connect with.  Create your own happiness by scheduling a zoom with someone else, a phone call, or a simple text.  Let someone know you are thinking of them and connect on the positive feelings you have had with them and for them. I know my idea of being happy almost always includes someone else in my life I can have a good time with.
Here are my daughter and I happily celebrating Mother’s Day 2019 wearing Lilly Pulitzer
Being Happy
Being happy is a state of mind.  It is what we say out loud and to ourselves.  It is who we connect with within our daily lives.  It is remembering the positive memories and making more. Making the most out of our thoughts and presence.  
Being happy is classic.  Create it, embrace and it, and let it spread through all that you do.  
Sending happy vibes your way right now!

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