Gratitude Challenge 3

Spreading gratitude one post at a time! Join us in the third gratitude challenge this month. Read on for this week's theme...
gratitude challenge 3

Now we have 2 gratitude challenges under our belt, woohoo!

How does it feel?  I hope you are filled with joy for giving back in little ways.  As I said, our challenge is little but mighty powerful as we fill our world with grateful and selfless acts.

New to the Challenge? No Problem!

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After today, we have the 4th and final challenge left.  Our purpose is to give back to others and reap the mind and body benefits gratitude has to offer. Each challenge has a theme that we follow that usually aligns with what people don’t have enough and need more of in their lives.

Today’s Challenge: Money

Oh money, we love you-we hate you!  We don’t have enough and do we ever have too much?


 These days, money is tight…especially for small business owners, parents who’ve had to leave their jobs or go part-time to teach remote schooling, and those who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.  

So it’s time to be grateful for what we have and give a little of our money to someone who needs it.  I’m talking $1 to $10 can go a long way here. Here are some ways…

  • Send a $5 gift card for coffee to someone in your office
  • Pay for someone’s meal behind you in the drive-thru
  • Buy a toy for a child (someone you know or one you just met)
  • Send someone a small thoughtful gift online
  • Give a $10 grocery card to someone who needs it
  • Pay for someone’s uber home from a restaurant
  • Know someone who needs something you are getting rid of-give it to them

There is of course no limit here.  If you have the means, go big!  Buy a child a winter coat.  Buy a senior their favorite meal from a restaurant and have it delivered.  

It’s true money can’t buy happiness, but giving it can.  There are plenty of people out there struggling

Share with us on social how you completed this challenge. I look forward to hearing <3

Please share this post so we can spread gratitude as much as possible. We all need it now more than ever!

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