If you can’t Learn, you can’t Thrive

Learning is so much more than taking a class or earning a degree. Read on to find out how we can learn to thrive in our lives!

The concept of learning is so underestimated.  Some think of learning as simply “school.”  Meaning Kindergarten through college and then presto!  We have learned all the things.  

I see learning as a lifelong process of becoming. 

Who do you want to become?  It doesn’t matter what age you are what your background is or even who you are at this very moment.  There is always something to learn.  

Let’s look at ways to learn in the following areas…

This one is obvious, right? If you want to thrive in your career, you will need to keep learning. This can quite literally mean learning hard skills.  Like if you are a lawyer you will need to keep up to date on legal proceedings and laws.  If you are a doctor you will need to learn about new medicines, procedures, and health insurance protocols.  If you are an artist you will need to learn about your market you sell to, expand, or perfect your techniques.  If you are an educator you will need to learn ways to engage your classroom and connect to your students.  

Not to mention learning about trends and politics within your career.  These are almost more important to learn than hard skills. Soft skills like how to connect with others, dress codes, and knowing who to network with at dinner.  So learning those soft skills of connecting to others can be more important than the hard skills in your career.  It may even help you out when you aren’t sure which spoon to reach for at a Michelin restaurant!


Here are some book recommendations to learn more about career change: 

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When I was a therapist, I worked with a lot of couples that didn’t realize they needed to learn about each other to build their relationship with each other.  Most couples came into the session wanting me to side with them.  I constantly had them turning towards each other to ask each other questions and let each other know how they feel. Everybody wants to be heard.  

It is important in relationships to learn to understand rather than react to each other.  

 Get curious about each other.  Ask questions when you want to learn what makes them tick, what turns them on, and what pisses them off!  It’s that easy.  People grow and change so it’s important to keep learning alongside side each other and with each other as your relationship grows.

Of course, this can be applied to other relationships as well whether friendships or working relationships.  Typically people are constantly growing and changing so it’s paramount we continue to learn about each other as we become who we want to be. I have no intention of going back and being my 18yr old self (I thought I knew everything then, if only I knew then what I knew now!). 

Here are some book recommendations to learn more about relationships: 

5 love languages

big friendship


I saved the best for last! Learning about yourself is the most important within your life.  So many people sabotage themselves by avoiding their thoughts, feelings, and choices they make.  Maybe you’re not one to normally head to the “Self-help” titles on your Kindle. That’s ok, you don’t need a book necessarily to learn about yourself.  Honestly, you just have to be in the moment and have the awareness to understand what is happening.

Where do your feelings of anger come from?

What sparks feelings of happiness?

What do you love to do that gives you energy?  What drains your energy?

Learning about yourself is the most important piece of the puzzle to learn in order to thrive.  This includes knowing your strengths and weaknesses. It includes knowing what your mind and body need and how to get it.  It includes knowing how to communicate to your support system what you need to grow and flourish.

Getting to learn about yourself is a journey from within.

Think of Yoda here…that green little guy is full of wisdom because he’s taken years to learn about himself and how to be one with the force.



How to Thrive:

Pick one area discussed in today’s post and write down what you want to learn.  Maybe it’s a new hobby.  Perhaps it’s building a relationship with someone you want to be closer to.  Could it be to better connect with yourself? 

Want to take this a step further? Put what you want to learn on your Vision Board, download a template here.

Get curious and put yourself out there.  The more you learn, the more you know! 

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