Where Am I Right Now? Not Home!

It may surprise you that I have left for the first time since the pandemic started. Where am I right now? Not home! Read to find out where!
not home

When I sold my company and thought I would be designing my life pre-pandemic.  I imagined traveling with my laptop all over, maybe a new baby along the way, coaching my clients, and relaxing at the end of the day.  Then I was pregnant with twins, a pandemic hit, and holy moly!  My life looked like something I’d never imagine.  Being not home seems like a foreign concept now.

February 2020 was our last family vacation, the last time I traveled.  I wanted to change that because I’m feeling a little brave these days.  I keep things safe, clean, and pandemic-free at home, so I figured I could do that somewhere else as well.

What Am I?

Right now, I’m not home, because I’m in Florida!  Besides most of my family being here, I love escaping here, particularly in the winter months.  

There’s something magical about seeing the first palm tree when I get off the plane, feeling the humidity as I enter the airport, and slipping my feet freely into a pair of flip-flops.  

It may not look completely like I imagined, however, I am working from here.  We are all being safe in a house.  Only this time with warm weather, lots of sunshine for my ghostly vitamin-D deprived skin, and maybe a sprinkle of Disney magic at the end of the trip.


Life Design

I’m embarking on this trip as a symbol for the world to change.  For my Life Design journey to officially kick-off more in the way I originally imagined it. 

It starts by taking control, being safe, and living my dream in the small ways I can, pandemic or not! Being not home is a step outside and being outside lets my heart be happy. 

What are you going to do today for your dreams? 


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